Family Finance : Habits of Rainfall Spender Pt 1


Family Finance : Habits of Rainfall Spender Pt 1
– Bisi Adewale

You need to check this one out if you discover at least two of them in your life. It means you are a rainfall spender and your family will suffer for it.
1. Spends lavishly when money comes. Cannot just stop spending in as much as there is money in their pockets, they spend and spend again until the account is in red.
2. Becomes excessively generous at pay day. They give money out any how until there is nothing more to give.
3. No plan, no budget. If you don’t plan your spending and budget your income, you are likely going to end as a rainfall spender.
4. You are always broke before pay day. This is another habit of rainfall spenders; money doesn’t meet money in their hands.
5. Not working by their budget. If they have budget at all, they don’t work by it, they have budget but they don’t abide by it.
6. You increase your spending when your earning increase. If you are fond of increasing your expenses when your income increase to the point of been broke before pay day then you are a rainfall spender.
7. You move to a bigger house when your salary is increase. You live in two bedroom flat, immediately your salary is increased; you moved to a duplex, you feel your status has changed. It is not a change of status; it is a change to another level of foolishness. You are now a better investment in the hands of landlords, if your status has truly changed; move into your own house.

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