About Us

FAMILY BOOSTER MINISTRY is a non-denominational ministry of home affairs. It is a consortium of Marriage counselors, teachers of the word and family therapists. Whose focus is to revive, rebuild, repair, rejuvenate and restore all dilapidated homes and to help singles settle down in Holy and blissful matrimony. To raise people for the end time revival using the home units. FAMILY BOOSTER MINISTRY (FBM) was established with the sole aim of putting the printers of divorce bills out of business forever.

•  We are to revive, restore, remould, repair and rejuvenate all dilapidated homes,
•  We are to bring sons and daughters of God together in love , in holy matrimony,
•  We are to build total homes.
•  We are to bring God’s people out of the dungeon of ignorance into the wisdom of divinity,
•  We are to raise people for the end time revival using the home units

•  To send printers of divorce bills out of business forever.
•  To build total homes on earth where God of heaven can reside.

• Teaching : – Using all available avenues to teach the undiluted word of God that can build and sustain a solid total home and withstand the stress of life.
• Training: – Setting up a training school for proper training of the children of God, going beyond marital teachings, into practical building of men and women so as to raise generations of happy families.
• Counseling: – Creating room for one-on-one counseling and for handling individual marriage problems.
• Mentoring: – Showing example of what Christian homes should be, making others to see in us what we preach so that they can emulate us for the betterment of their homes.
• Prayer: – Laying homes on the altar of God and teaching people how to pray in their marriages.
• Praise: – To give all glory to God, praise Him ceaselessly and teach people to praise Him, thereby raising a generation of His praise.

• We preach absolute righteousness.
• We believe in sacredness of marriage.
• We believe no marriage is beyond redemption and stand strongly against divorce. Malachi 2:14
• We stand against pre-marital sex, cohabitation, trial marriage, gay marriage and pregnancy before marriage.
• We stand on the Bible teaching that wives must submit to their husbands. Ephesians 5:22.
• We preach that husbands must love, protect and provide for their wives and children. Ephesians 5:25-33, I Tim. 5:8
• We preach on the teachings of the scriptures about sex in marriage that husband and wife must not defraud themselves. I Corinthians 7:1-5
• We teach that Christians should marry Christians (Not Unbelievers) have PURE COURTSHIP and glorious wedding. Joshua 23:10-13 .
• We teach about Godly parenting. Ephesians 6:1-4
• We teach about marriage of the lamb and the need for every Christian to prepare for it.
• We teach about leadership and headship of the husband not dictatorship.