How To Build A Successful Family Life


How To Build A Successful Family Life

Bisi Adewale

God’s plan for our family is to be successful just the way a father wants his children to prosper. This article will reveal what we need to do to play our part to actualize His plan for our family. Listed below are steps we need to take:


  1. Money is Life: Always remember that money is blood. You put a lot of things into making money, your time, your intelligence, thinking, your focus and even your blood (strength and mind). But when it is time to spend it you forget all this, you just relax to enjoy yourself, spending lavishly, feeding people that are not hungry. When you waste money, you waste time, when you waste money; you waste knowledge; yes, you waste blood and life.

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  1. Have a Focus: My focus was to get two marks for my school house and at the end of it i got more than that due to the focus i had before i started the marathon race. I would have stopped when I thought I was the last, but for the two marks i pressed forward until the final whistle. When investing money, have a target, you may invest to build your own house, to become director of a company, to meet your children educational needs, to live comfortably in retirement and old age etc. Just have a focus this will give you the strength to continue until you get to your destination.
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  1. Eat Right: One thing marathoners are known for is that, they do not eat anyhow, they do not eat just anything, and rather they eat things that will give them strength but will not give them fat. They are selective in what they eat. If you want to build financially strong family, do not eat anyhow, avoid eating out, and avoid alcohol and hard drugs. Constant visitation to eateries is also forbidden. Eat at home; avoid wasting money on food that may not be better than the one in your house.


  1. Shed Extra Weight: Have you ever seen a fat world marathon champion? Impossible! Marathoners are known to be strong but slim. Likewise shed extra weight that may affect your family finance. Must you use two cars? Must you use three phones? Must you live in a duplex? All these are luxury, shed this weight. Shed this weight brother, for your finances to move forward.


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How To Build A Successful Family Life

How To Build A Successful Family Life