Benefits of Dancing with your Spouse Pt 2


Benefits of Dancing with your Spouse Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

There are many benefits of dancing because it is not just about steps and music; it is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, hugging, holding and mental stimulation. It has the following benefits:!

? Flexibility. This is an important part of being healthy; regular dancing makes dancers to be more flexible.
? Build closeness. Spouses that are fond of dancing together are likely to be closer than couples that are not dancing together.
? Breeds joy. Dancing breeds joy in marriage. Women most especially enjoy it when their husbands dance with them as it makes them to feel and look special.
? It is romantic. Because it involves holding, touching, hugging; it helps to build a more romantic marriage.
? Fondness. It gives room for you to hold each other, longer than a quick hug..
? Sensuous. It can lead you into sensual mood. It is the most romantic skill you can add to your marriage.
? Can enhance your sex life. Dancing is sexy and can help stir up your inner sexuality.
? Enhance team work. It requires both of you working together as a team.
? Spices. It is a good way to spice and sparks up your marriage.
? Good distraction. It distracts your attention at least a while from house chores, jobs and stress of life.
? Playfulness. It is a good way to play with your spouse.

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