Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode 25) HOW TO FIGHT FAIR IN MARRIAGE – 2


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Hello and welcome to Family Lifeline

I am Bisi Adewale



Rose told Deborah her friend that her Phone was ringing.


Yes, i know. She answered.  It’s Joel my so called husband. I won’t pick his call, he is a stupid man, I regret marrying that ugly beast, he is the biggest regret of my life, it is over between both of us. I will drop his children for him, travel abroad to start a new life. I can’t continue in that prison they call marriage.


Rose got up, moved closer to Deborah, placed her hand on her shoulder and said, Do you know my Husband did worse things but I learnt to fight fair instead of fighting dirty. My disposition got to my Husband and he started working on his bad habits of night crawling, drinking, gambling and womanizing. Today, I have a better Husband.

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Dear listener,

How do you fight in your marriage? I mean how you resolve your conflicts. Many fight dirty but wise people fight fair.


The question then is how then do you fight fair?


By communicating effectively, by talking kindly, by not seeing your spouse as your enemy but as a team mate with whom you disagree to agree so as to move forward together.


You fight fair by not using abusive words, no slander, no curses, no threat, no I will cut you to you size.


You fight fair by not withholding affection because you are wronged, by not thinking ill of your spouse, by not stopping your duties as husband or wife, you fight fair by not reporting your spouse to your Friends, Families or Fans, thereby forming a strong supporter club to fight your perceived battle.


You fight fair by noting that disagreement simply means both of you are humans and are still alive.

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Resolve the issues, don’t hurt the personality.


Fight fair to make your marriage great and your home a better place to live, nobody wins a fierce battle as everyone leaves the battle field wounded.


Remember, Love is not a fight but it is worth fighting for. Fight fair!