I’ll be talking to you today about HOW TO FIGHT FAIR IN MARRIAGE

Why Fighting Is Normal In Marriage
Why Fighting Is Normal In Marriage

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I’ll be talking to you today about HOW TO FIGHT FAIR IN MARRIAGE. This is Part One


Raphael and his wife Josephine were surprised when the Old Counsellor told them Marriage involves fighting.


Yes, Marriage involves fighting! The old Counsellor repeated, he paused and look at the faces of his perplexed guests.


Young ones, he continues, great Marriage is not about how you try to avoid disagreement but how you manage your differences and how maturely you act when you are angry with your spouse.


Intimate couples know that Marriage is not about not fighting at all but about fighting fair.


Sir, Raphael interrupted, we love each other, we are believers, we are educated, we live a life of faith, we are not supposed to fight at all, our disagreements make us feel this marriage is a mistake.

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The counsellor laughed saying the teeth and tongue live together all their lives but they do fight. Disagreement in Marriage does not make your marriage wrong, it only means you are humans.


Dear listener,


Disagreement in marriage is normal, it is natural, it happens everywhere. How you handle it is a function of how mature you are. Some fight like babies in their marriages, some fight like garage boys, while others fight as if they’ve never been friends all their lives.


Some Baby Husbands reject food in anger, some report their wives to every dick and harry. Some even beat their wives.


Some wives fight their husbands dirty, they embark on strike action, they stop every of their responsibility. They stop cooking, deny their husbands sex, nag, keep malice, disrespect their husbands and make the home very hot.


You can’t fight dirty and have a blissful home, get back into the love mode, stop the fight, start the romance again, marriage is not a battle field stop fighting dirty.

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