-By Fabiyi Adeyinka Olabode

According to Peg Tyre (author of ‘The Troubles with Boys’) “The second most important task of parenting is the task of selecting the best school for your child. TIPS ON CHOOSING THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD TIPS ON CHOOSING THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD

To help in this task lets peruse these tips:

1. Who is the owner? A school owned by a sadist, atheist or other beliefs that doesn’t conform TIPS ON CHOOSING THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD

to Jesus Christ is wrong for your child. The owner must be morally upright and a lover of

God. Not someone with questionable character or negative view to life issues. A proprietor

that creates an enabling environment for both the pupils and the teachers.

2. What is the school’s testimony? As parents before choosing a school, there is need to check

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the products of such school. Do they portray the name of the school well? How are the

pupils; are they morally excellent? What is the neighbourhood saying about the schools? My

wife once went for an interview in a school and she heard someone in the neighbourhood

saying “Ha! That proprietress can owe her staff backlogs of salary” and on enquiry it was

found to be true. If the school has been in existence for a while; what can be said about the

pupils that graduated from the school?

3. The quality of their education: This doesn’t reflect in the huge school fees; gigantic buildings

none flamboyant school uniforms. Ask questions about their curriculum and extra-curricular

activities. I remembered convincing a mother to join our schoolboy breaking our curriculum

down into bits-a- bit for her. TIPS ON CHOOSING THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD

4. Check the teachers – pupils’ relationship: Are the pupils happy and eager to enter into the

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school? Are they wearing long faces every morning? Are the teachers friendly enough? You

need to know that “how fast your child will be able to settle down in the school depends on

how friendly and professional the teachers are. A father once asked after me in school,

saying “I want to know the teacher my two years old daughter makes the whole family pray

for calling him daddy at every family altar.”

5. Spiritual check: Pray to God, be spiritually convinced. Do they pray in the school? How much TIPS ON CHOOSING THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD

of spiritual things do they engaged in the school? This doesn’t necessarily mean it must be a

mission school, but a school that enthrones God all days.

 Fabiyi Adeyinka Olabode

A seasoned educator and teacher of the word, who takes delight in putting smiles upon the faces of both children and parents. With an experience spanning over a decade both in church (as teenagers teacher) and school.
A product of Lagos State University and College of Marital Success. He is successfullymarried to his laughter (Aderonke) and they are blessed with adorable 3G children.