Sir,l first got married in the year 2001; the man went to glory in 2011. We had only a son before his death. Then l was 30 Years old.
I remarried December 2014. The problem is l can’t bring myself to love this new man,l don’t seem to know how to let go of the past of my 1st marriage. This new man is different, he is not as considerate as my 1st man. Many things are different from my 1st home,l love my 1st home.
I was not forced to marry this new man, l was lead by the Lord. Even before l got married to him d Lord gave me afore knowledge of how the married will be. When d challenges arises, each time l remember what the Lord had told me in the past,but am having an unhealed wound. My behavior has changed from that loving, tolerable wife l used to be with my 1st husband, not as if I don’t have misunderstanding with my 1st man but it is different. Sir my daughter is affected. Is like am becoming a loser. Is like ooo l don’t understand what is happening to me anymore. I fear for my daughter & this new man in life. I knew God placed them in my care,but am failing God & it seem l can’t bring myself to be whom the Lord expect me to be to them ooo?. Pls help me.
Thanks sir.

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You have a choice to make here,whether you want to accept this man or you continue to compare him unfairly to the dead.
Comparison is one of the greatest crime you can commit in marriage,this new man is another man,he can NEVER be like your late husband,no matter how you try. You need to wake up into reality that your former husband is late and will never come back and God in his Mercy has given you another great chance by giving you a man who marries you despite the fact that you already have a Child.
Accept your new husband the way he is,celebrate him for marrying you with a Child in your hands,thank God for giving him to you and learn to live with him,the destiny of that marriage is in your hands,let go the one that is dead and learn to live with the one that is alive without trying to compare them at all.
You can’t still be loving your first home,the home is gone my sister,it is time to move on to enjoy another beautiful life.
I will advise you get our books Fight for that marriage,Secrets of an irresistible wife and 10 Commandments for wives they will help you a lot. Enjoy Mercy.

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