21 Great Lessons from Steve Job
21 Great Lessons from Steve Job



Bisi Adewale

The financial stands exemplified in these six types of family should be a guide to assessing your family’s financial grade. Only then can you appropriately work on yourself, your source of income, your way of spending, your belief system, lifestyles, and your attitude to work, money and the people around you; thereby change your family financial level.

  1. Very Poor Family. This set of people is so poor that even poor people call them poor. They lack the means to meet their basic needs of life. They eat anything available and lay their heads wherever the night finds them. Poverty is boldly written upon them. In fact, they are poverty personified.
  2. Poor Families. This family is a little bit better than the very poor families. However, their lives are caught up in the cares of life; what to eat, drink and wear. They toil day and night serving the rich people all their lives. They cannot afford to send their children to the right school, because of the financial burden they are carrying. The slums and ghettos are full of people in this class. They work several hours per day with little or nothing to show for it.
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Poor and very poor families consistently live their lives plagued by sorrow and fear of creditors like food stuff sellers, cloth sellers and landlords (house owners). They live in single rooms and dutifully pray that the rent will never due. This kind of life is pathetic.

They die easily because they cannot foot the medical bills by professionals, therefore they resort to patronizing quacks who further worsen their deteriorating condition. When they call out for help from friends and families, they are confronted by the problems the others are facing. If however, one or two decide to render assistance, it is barely enough to pay their transportation fare home. The resultant situation is the visitation of death or a handicapped life over something that didn’t cost much had it been they had the cash.

I pray for you today, your family will not be poor. Please, this is not just about saying “amen” to this prayer. This requires the accurate knowledge on what to do and judiciously doing it to better the lot of your life and family.

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  1. Rich Families. These families are obviously better than the initial two families. They easily meet their needs and live an average life. They are the envy of both the poor and very poor families.
  2. Very Rich Families. Though they are more comfortable than other types of families, there are still better ways to live. Life is more than just making ends meet. Judging yourself based on your neighbor’s progress is not a pass mark for you either. You have to constantly seek the best in life.
  3. Wealthy Families. Very rich families may have abundant cash to throw around because of their good jobs but wealthy families are business and property owners. It goes beyond cash; they have wealth and control many sources of income.
  4. Flourishing Families. This is the highest level you can attain. Families in this category do more than just meet their daily needs. They not only have money, they have property and ‘seed money’ that generates perpetually. They have no need to struggle for money anymore because their investments yield profits that keep them afloat even when they are in bed. They are:

–          The authors.   They collect money perpetually as royalty from books they have written.

–          Company owners and directors.

–          Players in the real estate industry.

–          Artistes who collect royalties from their music.

–          Inventors with patent right.

If your family falls short of being tagged a flourishing family, there is work to be done. The enemy of best is average. Don’t be content with where you are presently until you have the best God has ordained for you in life.

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