16 Reasons Why You Must Pray For Your Husband


16 Reasons Why You Must Pray For Your Husband

– Prayer is God’s commandments

– It’s only God that can handle your husband nobody can

– Prayer put you in charge of your house.

– Prayer helps you to put your burden on the neck of Jesus.

– Prayer moves the hand that moves the world- John Aicman Wallance

– Prayer is God’s delight, He is very happy when you pray.

– Prayer makes you a woman of influence.

– Prayer destroyers all the yokes of the enemies.

– Silent prayer is might noise in heaven.

– Pray is the key that opens to us the treasures of God’s mercies and blessings.

– Prayer is the key that shut us up under his protection and safeguard

– Prayer can change anything and everything.

– Prayer is powerful

– Prayer has know geography

– Prayer can break all protocol

– Prayer can change the hearts of kings.

– Prayer of the righteous can turn the situation around.

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