Family Finance: Changing your Family Financial Level Pt 2


Family Finance: Changing your Family Financial Level Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

Many things are involved if changing your family financial level is your prayer. You can’t afford to be living at your present state, you need to get better, there is something better for you. Don’t get satisfied with little when much is available. Good is said to be the enemy of better and better the enemy of the best. Learn now how to change your financial level, to do this; do the following:
1. Right attitude. Have right attitude to life, money, work and relationship. Your attitude will determine your altitude in life. You can NEVER rise higher than your attitude, no it is impossible. Don’t be desperate to make money, rather be desperate to help people; your wealth is in the hands of people you helped.
2. Creativity. Money flows naturally to creative mind. Creativity is said to be the mother of productivity and productivity is the mother of prosperity. Engaged your mind to think great thoughts and let your hand go to work to make it happen.
– Learn to do old things in a new way
– Bring out entirely new ideas and products.
– Combine two ideas to form a new one.
– Think about how to add value to existing ideas.
When you engage your creativity, your prosperity becomes as certain as sun rising tomorrow.
3. Self-Development. To become creative, one thing is very important, it is called self development. You can’t be better than your development and nobody can develop you for you; it is self-effort. Develop yourself, know better this year than you knew last year. Be a better you. A new edition of your personality, you can’t rise higher than you know.
4. Financial intelligent. One of the areas to really develop yourself is in the area of financial intelligent. Money will never make you rich, it is financial intelligent that does that. Much money without financial intelligent can even lead to disaster. Go ahead, learn more about money, the right way to make it, right way to save, spend and give it out, how to add and multiply your money, etc.
5. Savings. One areas of financial intelligent you must develop is savings, to be safe in the future, save money today. It is not all money that is spendable, some should be save, you need to learn how, where and when to save money.
6. Investment mentality. Don’t just save that money, go ahead invest it in the right place. You also need to learn about this and make it your habit to invest.
7. Responsibility. Do you really want God’s blessing, then do your responsibilities. You can’t be amassing wealth, making money, saving it and investing without taking good care of your family members.
Your spouse and children must never be neglected. If you do, your life will not provoke the blessing of the Lord, take good care of your people.
8. Giving. You must also learn to give. Give to people who are lesser than you. People who cannot pay you back, people who are in need. This will bring God’s blessing into your life, family and business. Give to God, His work and the needy and preserve your future.

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