Money and Marriage Master Class Lesson 27


Money does not come to you accidentally; you must learn and take adequate steps to make money in order to sustain your marriage. Here listed practical ways to make money:


  1. Work hard. Be diligent, don’t ever be lazy, hard work is the answer to hard life. Prosperity is for hard worker, poverty and penury is for the lazy and the sleepers, hard work does not kill, it Improve skills, hard worker is a king in the making. You can’t amount to something in life if sleeping is your hobby. The holy Bible says “Seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men”. Proverbs 22:29. This is simply means if you want to stand tall in life; you must bend low to work. If you must stand and sit with great men you must stand tall to do great work. Money does not obey wishful thinker, it only obey principles, whosoever work according to its rule. It flows to the person no matter his age, sex, colour, size, location, country or nationality. You can’t be lazy and turn things around. No, you can’t be fond of tying towel round your waist by 10:00am on Monday morning and amount to anything in life. If you sleep when you suppose to be working you will beg when you suppose to be a giver.
  2. Develop Yourself. For money to flow to you, you must get yourself developed. Nobody will pay you “PhD” money if you have an “O-level” brain and skill. Self development is the power of money; you can never better than how far you are ready to get yourself developed. Nobody can develop you for you. Self effort is the biggest effort, you can’t grow taller than your head and you can’t be better than how available you are to learning. Do you want money to flow to you? Do you want your family to live in prosperity? Do you want to make more money? This is simple, just develop yourself (Proverbs 16:24). Know better than you knew last year. Be a better you, a new and improved, edition of your personality, you can’t rise higher than you know.
  3. Package yourself and your product. The way you present yourself or and your product will determine how far you will go in life. You may be good, you may be able to do the job better, your product may be the best and the most reliable, if they are not well presented you will be working against yourself as it will be rejected or ignored. Your curriculum vitae (cv) must be well presented in a modernize way. You must go to that job interview well dressed and with boldness. Why will you go to that interview fidgeting, people that will interview you are humans they are not ghost. Face them with boldness and get the job for them, your boldness and confidence at job interviews is part of your packaging your for new level.
  4. Have something to sell. I told you that if you don’t have something to sell, you cannot excel. Yes, you must have something to sell, you must have a product; productivity is the mother of prosperity. Your voice can be your product, your ability, your knowledge, your dexterity, your strength; they can all be turned to a product. My own writing skill is my own product that is why you are reading this book, you or somebody paid me before you can get this book, and I am making a fortune from my skill of writing. What are you doing with your own skill? Yes, your cooking skill, footballing skill? Do something about them, turn them to your products and become a great person,
  5. Market your product. Take your product to the place where it is needed, don’t keep it in your house, take it out, show people what you are, what you have and what you can do; market will never come to you, but do yourself a favour; go to the market. Your success is not at home wisdom is known to cry on the street (Proverbs 8:1), not in the room, take your product to the people that needs it. Don’t take those beautiful walking sticks to university for sale; take it to old people who need it. Don’t take that delicious ice cream to old people’s home, take it to that secondary school very close to your house, no woman will buy that saving powder from you, so don’t take it to the gathering of men, but you can take those wigs, shoes and bag to that girls hostel, you are likely going to end as a star with it.
  6. Advertise yourself and your product. Without advertisement and publicity, there is nothing call business or selling. If your product is not for your consumption only then advertise it. It is advertisement that brings customers; it is customers that bring money. It is advertising that keep business afloat, it is your business and your product that keep your family finance alive.
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