– Yomi Adewale

Looking at some unpleasantness in situations of some ladies around, you feel touched by their predicament which could have been avoided if only they listened to God, pieces of advice, reasoned with situation/people around and learned from the mistakes of others.

If you are such a lady, how could you think that a married man would be good for you even when he had only come to town for a course, training or vacation and would be spending a few days or a couple of weeks? How could such a man suddenly win your heart because of his generous spending, fuelling your emotions, being all over you, checking on you 24/7, buying you gifts, taking you round the town while cruising in his exotic car, eating out at expensive restaurants, promising you heaven and earth, etc? You know that he is looking for something but you refuse to yield to your sense of good reasoning. You lose out eventually when he finally has sex with you severally, use and dump you. It is common sense here; you are so cheap. Don’t become dull because of dollar.

A lady will lose out disgraceful if she thinks of getting married without involving her Maker, God Almighty who alone instituted marriage. Only God has the blueprint for marriage and your life. A man who does not fear and love God can never love you. It is not about his countenance, good looks, six packs, where he works, etc. It is about who is working inside of him, who is controlling, ruling and reigning in his life. The marital journey is key to the future and it is an important part of life. Don’t take it with levity, don’t throw a kite with it and don’t mess up the journey before it starts. Don’t lose out girl!

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A lady will eventually lose out if she thinks that getting a man’s love is by spending on him. You can’t buy love. If he does not love you genuinely, you are missing it. Any other motive in him that is extorting your finances is not for your good but for his selfish interest. Wise up girl! There are better things to do with your hard earned money. Spend for God, yourself, parents, the needy, professional exams, genuine needs of family members, etc. Sow in a fertile land where the harvest from God will locate you.

A lady will lose out when she thinks that giving sex to a man will tie him down forever. Sex with a man who is not your husband is called FORNICATION not FUN. It’s simply a sin. Sex blinds you to the truth and real character of the man. The pleasure of sex before marriage causes eternal pain and eats up the fabric of trust later in life. If the guy marries you eventually, he will never trust you with any male. Be wise.

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A lady who descends so low to force herself on any man to marry is not wise. The man will never value you because he does not want you. Where is the bright future if you settle with a man that does not love God, he does not love you, does not have good and godly characters, that is jobless, that is without a vision or goal or dream, that is not doing anything meaningful with his life and is never ready?  My sister, you’ve got to put your future in the right perspective here.

A lady will lose out when she thinks that marriage is a solution to her personal issues like emotional imbalance, sex addiction (nympho), joblessness, not schooling. If you are this kind of lady who wants to settle down at all cost, casting all your hope and joy on marriage, you are simply fooling yourself. Until you add value to yourself, no one will place any value on you. Build up your self-esteem and deal with your personal issues that can impair relationship. You should go into marriage being a blessing, a helper, a carrier of value and an asset instead of being a burden on your future spouse and family.

A lady will lose out in a relationship when she tries to use African ‘jazz’ (diabolical way) to catch and retain a man. You are very shallow if you are using this approach in this time and age. Whatever you get from this way is temporary and it would soon expire. Why are you deceiving yourself? in fact, the potency of that thing called ‘juju’ is already wearing out, I can confirm it. Stop that nonsense lady!

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A lady will lose out when she ignores red signals in the relationship and the person when there are all indications that things aren’t going on well. You feel he is romantic but you know that he is not authentic, he is fake and he pretends a lot even you as well is double dealing, you have an extra tyre somewhere. You know that excesses are unbearable from all sides; even your character is questionable, and the man’s, you still need to fix some stuff. You would agree that on both sides of the relationship, issues are enormous and it can lead to disaster. Why not expose yourself to the right knowledge, information and wisdom that can prevent the doom?

Proverbs 16:25 says: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, But the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Everybody may be going the wrong way. However, you need not join them. Stand for what is godly and right, may you not be a loser in Jesus name

Consider what I say; the Lord give thee understanding in all things. 2 Timothy 2;7

Please determine to partner with God and make up your mind to do things right, Be wise!!!

Say it loud and clear: I WILL NOT FAIL IN MARRIAGE