Wrong use of Sex


Bisi Adewale
Though sex is good and wonderful in marriage, it is also being used by the devil to destabilize families, destroy lives and build wall of separation between husbands and wives. Alot of couples are using it wrongly, thereby turning what is supposed to be an agent of stabilization into a tool of destruction of homes. If you want the best for yourself, then do not use sex in the following ways:
1. Rape: This simply means having sex by force against the wish of the victim. This wicked and unholy act must not be allowed to take place, either general rape or marital one (husband forcefully sleeping with his wife). It is morally and scripturally wrong and unacceptable.
2. Masturbation: This has to do with having sex by oneself. This is also unacceptable and an act of immorality. One bad thing about masturbation is that, you cannot do it without immoral sexual thought and the guilt that follows. People who masturbate do set their mind on imaginary sex partners, to get aroused, and use their hands or masturbator to caress their lubricated genitals to climax. Lust is the foundation of masturbation. It is wrong and unrighteous.
3. Incest: This is having sex with relatives. Sex between relatives is absolutely ungodly. For example, sex between a sister and a brother-in-law, siblings, a father and daughter-in-law, son and mother –in-law, etc, they are all wrong and unrighteousness.
4. Sex with children: Taking advantage of young ones is also wrong and unacceptable.
5. Prostitution: This involves having sex for money, which is another wrong use of sex. It should never be for sale but for love in matrimony.
6. Trade by barter: This involves the use of sex as a means of exchange for something (clothe, promotion, position or favour). In marriage, holding the husband to ransom by demanding money or some other things before satisfying him sexually is very wrong.
7. Adultery: Sex with somebody else other than one’s legally married partner. It is also known as infidelity or unfaithfulness.
8. Homosexualism: Sex between a man and another man. It is wrong. First marriage was between ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’. Marriage and sex between people of the same gender is satanic invention. Let us stop deceiving ourselves, God never created anybody to be gay. It is caused by alcohol, wrong association and satanic affliction. Lesbianism is also part of homosexualism. This is having sex between a woman and another woman. This is also wrong and unscriptural.
9. Fornication: This is having sex between singles. This is unacceptable before God and it is wickedness before him. Do not do it until you are married.


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