Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode54) CELEBRATE YOUR HUSBAND


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Don’t die with that poor man you call your husband, I don’t even know why you married a man without substance. He has no car,no house, he has never travelled abroad and his take home cannot even take him home monthly’’


That was a man talking to a beautiful young lady he has been trying to have an illicit affair with for a while.


The lady’s answer to him was epic.


She said, ‘’Mr Man I celebrate my husband and I thank God he is a man of honor which you are not. What he has is priceless, that is why you don’t have it, it is called integrity. How i wish your wife can have a faithful Man like my husband. I just pity the poor woman’’.


Welcome to Family Lifeline

I am Bisi Adewale


Dear Wife,

It’s obvious this woman celebrates her husband and what he has. Do you celebrate your husband, do you honour him?

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Celebrate your husband for who he is and what he has. Why ask for what he cannot afford? He may not have it all now, but one day; he will.

He may not be living his dream now, but one day he will. He cherishes you and the family. He means it when he says that he loves you.

He may not have all the things you need right now but with time he will. He will get a job, get the money, he will buy a land and he will build a house for both of you. He won’t be staying at his rented crib forever.


He will fulfil all his promises and be a good Father to your children. Everything will be fine for both of you. Don’t be pushed around by greed and the love of money.


Be totally faithful to your husband no matter who he is now and no matter what other guys are telling you out there.

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Don’t jeopardise your children’s future. Be patience, be caring, celebrate him for who he is today and you will be his Queen when his kingdom comes.