Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode 28) CONFIDENCE AND ASSURANCE

Young lovers in a sports car

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A Man was travelling to Chicago in United States and saw an elderly man and his wife pulled over to the side of the road in their truck waving for help.


So, of course, He stopped and asked what was wrong.


The elderly man told the man he and his wife were on their way to a town up the road, and were about to run out of gas. He asked if he could He give him a ride to the nearest gas station.

The young man said “Sure, but since you’re not out of gas yet, why don’t you get back in your truck, drive towards the next station.  I will follow behind you, and if you do run out of gas, I will take you from there to get gas and get you back to your Car, but at least you will be closer.”

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The old man agreed and thanked the young man, they drove over 30 kilometers with the young man driving his Car behind them.  The truck didn’t run out of fuel, they made it all the way to the fuel station.


At the station, he thanked the young man again, and said “Just knowing you were behind us, just in case we did run out of gas, made us drive without worry because we knew you were right behind us.


Just as the old man and his wife travelled the distance knowing that a fellow was trailing them ready to give an helping, you should be the guiding angel for your spouse always, giving the person confidence and assurance they need to face the challenges of life.


Only the presence of God can be better than the presence of a loving, caring and assuring spouse. When it rains be a shelter to your spouse, when it is sunny be the umbrella the person needs for the journey, be a pillar of support, be a ladder for the next level, give a shoulder for your spouse to cry and give a pat to the back when they need encouragement.

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Never let your spouse down, always be there for him or her, this is not a gift to your spouse, it is a duty you owe God and your spouse.


Always assure your spouse of your love, your support, your loyalty and your trustworthiness.


Be that spouse that your mate will say thank God i married you.