Don’t ever allow the girl in you to die. Be Girlish, be kinky, Be a romancer; Romance your husband like a mistress, like a prostitute, , did I say a prostitute, yes it is not a typo, be his prostitute, be his whore, wake the boy in your husband. Most African women complain that their husbands are not romantic. This especially if you compare what they did during courtship to convince the woman to love them with what they are doing now. Most women do get convinced that their husbands do not love them again. But one of the things most wives do not understand is that romance is what you give, it is not what you wait for. It is like a hug when you give one you receive one, if you want a romantic husband then be a romantic wife.

Romance is a continuous activity that encourages love, intimacy, feeling of excitement or feelings of being in love. When we say “Romance has gone out of that marriage”, we make romance to look like a ‘being’ that can come in or go out. So it is wrong to say romance has gone out, we can only say, ‘we’ve stopped all activities that made us feel loved, we’ve abandoned all activities that made our partner to love us and love her in return. If we start those activities again; then love will be revived in our marriages again.

Do you want that romance in your marriage again, then start now; do something romantic and turn your marriage around.





You can do the following things to become more romantic in that marriage and make your husband happy and feel loved.

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  1. Be playful. One of the major needs of every man discovered in a survey taken of a group of husbands all over the world is the need to have their wives as their playmate or their recreational companion. This is second only to desire of men to have more sex in their marriage. Always remember that THE COUPLE THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER. Be your husband’s playmate; try to love what he loves. My wife developed an interest in football because of my interest in football; I even played for my school in my secondary school days. Love his games; love his hobby, because what makes him happy will make you happy. Men tend to enjoy and love those that they play with than those that they work with, that is why they hang out with their friends than being with their wives.
  2. Create time for him. Naturally, wives will take care of their children and job first, then if they have any time left; they can attend to their husbands. This is not okay; it can’t win your husband for you. Share activities with your husband, share interest with him, play with him, yes be his playgirl, his friend, make his days. Create time to be with him, just the way you would if he is still your boyfriend.
  3. Make it a verbal romance.Tell sweet thing, say ‘I love you’, I value you’, etc
  4. 4. Be a texter. Send romantic text messages to him; make it your habit go ahead do it.
  5. 5. Respect him. He can’t be romantic with you if you do not respect him.
  6. Be a hugger.Make it your habit to hug before going to work and when he returns, as little as hug looks it can turn your marriage around. Get to know more about hugging in my book: HOT AND SIZZLING MARRIAGE click here to download it.
  7. Feet washing.If he has spent a lot of time on his feet during the day, plan a special feet washing session for him, you can even make it your habit. Use sacred water with a warm towel to dry the feet, you can then use lotion to rub the feet, you will make his day.
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  1. Be a kisser.Enjoy kissing him from a good night or goodbye or welcome peck to French kiss in the presence of others to a deep romantic kiss when you are alone, you can turn your marriage around with your tongue, lip and cheek.
  2. Ask him out, foot the bill. Give him a threat, date him, he is still your boyfriend, get him off his feet.
  3. Smile always. See him off in the morning with a smile; wear a smile when he is back. It can become your habit
  4. Perfume option. Always put on good, nice and at times romantic perfume all for him.
  5. Back issue. Help him to scratch his back, men enjoy it.
  6. Dress for him. Have him behind your mind as you dress, dress to make him happy.
  7. Dress him. Help him to dress up as he prepares to go out end the “dress issue” with a kiss.
  8. Undress him. As he returns home, help him remove his jacket, shirt, shoes, socks, etc.
  9. Encourage him to dress you. Tell him to choose your cloth for you, to help hook up your bra. Help zip up your skirt and assess your dressing.
  10. Special meal. Cook special meal for him, just to make him feel loved.
  11. Honour. Crack a good and positive joke with him.
  12. Laugh to his jokes. Laugh to his jokes, even if it is dry or you’ve heard it several times.
  13. Love notes. Put love notes in his pocket or bags as he travels.
  14. Gift action. Give him gifts, small or big but thoughtful gifts. Buy his pants, socks, trousers, shoes, belt, cuff links, singlet, shirts, etc.
  15. Be on the line. Call him just to ask for his welfare.
  16. Be vulnerable to him. Don’t be too hard to get, follow him, and make his day.
  17. Give card and flower. You can still do this to pass your message of love across to him.
  18. Walk action. Walk to him in the public if you are sitting in different places bet across each other
  19. Be creative. Do something new, just be creative.
  20. Be unpredictable. Don’t allow him to be able to predict what you will do next, always surprise him.
  21. Walk in the evening hand in hand with him.
  22. Mail him. Send romantic e-mail or letter to him, he is not just your husband; he is your boss.
  23. Re-organize the seat in your house for him.
  24. Re-decorate your house just for him.
  25. Bath option. Make it your habit to bath with him especially in the evening or weekend.
  26. Dance with him.
  27. Get our book secrets of an irresistible husband for him.
  28. Massage his body. Once in a while; massage his body after a very busy day.
  29. Pursue him sexually. Yes go ahead sleep with him, don’t wait for him to sleep with you. Read chapter 15 (How to make love to your husband) in our book:Secrets of an Irresistible Wife.
  30. Ask him. Ask him how he will love to be romanced go ahead do whatsoever he says; make God happy by building a better love.

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