Transforming Your Marriage through The Fullness of Love

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Transforming Your Marriage through The Fullness of Love.


Love is the foundation of any home that will stand straight. For your marriage to be the best, you must love your mate. To show that you really love your spouse is not just a gainsaying, mere exchange of romantic cards, flowers or chocolates. It is deeper than cards. Romantic activities alone are insufficient to make a marriage work. Authentic love for the success of any marriage must include the following: (1 John 4:8)

–              Loving your spouse as yourself.

–              Loving your spouse as he or she would love to be loved

–              Showing genuine and active interest in your partner’s life, career and activities.

–              Apologizing sincerely when you offend your spouse.

–              Expressing deep affection such as hugs, kisses, endearment, loving touches, etc.

–              Showing deep appreciation to your spouse for everything.

–              Expressing consideration.

–              Showing empathy and compassion.

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–              Giving adequate attention.

–              Showing total acceptance.

–              Showing understanding.

–              Giving gift.

–              Freely forgiving.

–              Praying together regularly.

–              Being playful together.

–              Sharing laughter and delight.

–              Giving room for recreation.

The best marriage is the marriages where the individuals involved are filled with love for each other. This always melts away any form of hatred or unhappiness. Go ahead; make your mate feel loved by expressing your love to him or her at least five times a day.