8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage

Sexual fulfillment in marriage
Sexual fulfillment in marriage

8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage

8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage 

Sex is beautiful, delightful and necessary. God made it so, it is an expression of oneness, a total commitment, a complete self-giving and a sacred obligation. Sex is not a right to claim selfishly, not a cavour to withhold childishly, not a weapon to dominate one another, not a reward for good behavior.” Dr J. Allan Petersen. In marriage, sex is important for the following reassons: 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage


The primary reason for sex is to preserve your purity. It is the only thing that you are not allowed to get from any other person except your spouse. In order for you and your spouse to remain pure before God, get the best of sex from each other.


Sex is also the gift of pleasure from God to married people. It will be totally wrong for you to say you will only do it when you need a baby. It is meant for pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment. Get it at home and don’t look outside for it.

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It is also for sexual love called passion. This helps to strengthen marriage and make the home stronger and better. Passion is what differentiate the marriage relationship from any other human relationship.


If you are both happy there will not be the need to open your bed to a third party; this will guarantee the security of your marriage. Once your home is secured, your marriage will be preserved. One of the reasons why you need to take sex serious is to preserve your marriage. 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage

  1. PEACE

Good sex in marriage brings up passion, satisfaction, fulfilment and purity which all combine together to generate peace in marriage. One of the major causes of misunderstanding in marriage is sexual denials. When couple get to the level of mutual sexual satisfaction they hardly fight and easily settle their differences.

When you seek to give your spouse sexual satisfaction in your marriage, you have secured peace. There is nothing else that can either make a man or a woman so happy or angry in marriage. When there is constant good performance in the bedroom the home experiences a deep peace. 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage

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God wants us to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. The only way we can fulfill this is through matrimonial sex.


Good sex in marriage helps our partnership in marriage. It aids agreement. It enhances communion. It leads to bonding and deep intimacy. It leads to togetherness, fondness and oneness at home. 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage 8 Purpose of Sex in Marriage


When sexual fulfilment is gotten at home, it leads to protection of couples from sexually transmitted diseases and bind them together. A marriage void of sex will easily open the man to sexual immorality and many deadly diseases. I agree perfectly with a marriage counsellor that said ‘a married man with an unfulfilled libido is a danger going somewhere to happen.’  In order to protect yourself and your spouse in your marriage, you must ensure your spouse is sexually satisfied.