SMS Of Marriage


SMS Of Marriage

SMS Of Marriage

Like short message service (sms) of mobile phone do pass information across quickly and economically. There are things that can turn your marriage quickly and are not costly. I call them sms of marriage.They are:

S- Service. This mean to provide your wife/husband with something they need or want. This involve not seeing yourself as a “consumer” but “producer”, in fact, if you are not ready to serve then you are not in love.
It is common for the wives to serve their husbands without the man doing anything in return. This is very wrong; service should be mutual in marriage. When service is not mutual it becomes robbery. Go all out to serve each other, in fact, out serve your each other. Never allow your spouse to beat you to it. Be ready to serve, be willing to give helping hands. Don’t be an “eater” be a helper, by all means serve.SMS Of Marriage

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M- Maturity. A mature person is known to behave in a sensible and reasonable way. It means you are fully develop for relationship, you are developed physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, and financially for marriage. Many people that are married are baby husbands and wives.
A mature person will know how to handle anger, how to forgive, he has the mastery of relationship. A mature person is careful and caring, he never retaliate all he or she does to reconcile, he doesn’t fight dirty, and he prefer “jaw-jaw” to “war-war”. A mature person knows that nobody is perfect, hence, he do make room for offence and forgiveness.
Knowledge makes one mature. It is not about age, I have seen elderly people in marriage without elderly wisdom, I have met grandparents without grand knowledge of matrimony. You will do yourself a lot of favours if you can decide to grow, develop yourself, become changed, be better, be a new person, be lovable and be easy to live with.

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S- Sacrifice. Don’t just serve your mate, make sacrifice. Let go some leisure and pleasure to make life easier for your mate. Go extra mile to make him or her happy. Husbands, support your wife in the kitchen, help with dishes, change the baby diapers, clean the baby up, buy special gift for your spouse, and create time to be with her and the children. Let your wife be forever happy that she married you.
Wives also should make sacrifice. Give money, wash the car, clean his shoes, just do some extra-ordinary things to show that you care.SMS Of Marriage

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