Busyness And Business In Marriage


Busyness And Business In Marriage

Busyness And Business In Marriage

Marriage is a relationship that needs time and attention to flourish, somebody said, ‘the best way to destroy your home is to ignore your mate and take your marriage for granted”. This is a gospel truth. Busyness is a tool of marriage destruction. Your busyness may even be a legitimate one, you may be hooked with your job or ministry, your new born baby may even be the one that keep you busy taking you from the love and affection of your spouse.Busyness And Business In Marriage

The main reason your spouse married you is that, he/she thought you will be a good friend, a talk mate and a companion, unfortunately many married couples are many things to each other but friend and companion all because everybody is busy somewhere.

The natural tendency of garden is toward the wilderness, a garden left unattended to will grow wide weed without anybody support.

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Marriage is just like that; if you don’t attend to it, it will grow “weed”, weed of misunderstanding, hurts, suspicious, quarrel, depression, etc. Nothing is good enough to take our marriage and family from us.

Every wise couple will yield to this godly counsel, create time to be together, create time to pray together, play, talk, laugh, relax, work, study together. You can never make the most of your family life if your marriage is always on the fast lane of life.

The demand of modern day city life, will always want to surf life out of your family life, too many bills and fees to pay, debts to be pay up can make one to work without of ones family life. Schedule of work, traffic hold-up, television are other things that can turn a couple to strangers to each other, they can stay in the same house and be distance friends. They can be sleeping on the same bed and not have time to talk for months.Busyness And Business In Marriage


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