EFFECTS OF PRE-MARITAL SEX (A must read for all singles)




sex in marriage

Sexually transmitted diseases: – Pre – marital sex may lead you to STDs, like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital herpes and HIV/AIDS.

– It separates one from God

– It separates one from one’s ministering Angels

– It destroys prayer life,

– It destroys one’s love towards the word of God

– It may lead to hurried marriage

– It may lead to wrong marriage

– It removes pure mind

– It leads to unwanted pregnancy

– Leads to guilt and fear

– Leads to rejection and disappointment

– Tendency of moving from one sin to another


– Single parenthood

– Denies one of eternal home

– It removes peace of mind

– It opens one to demonic attack

-Untimely death

– Loss of control of sex drive

– Loss of focus in life

– Persistent lust

  • Inability to experience true love
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–  Soul ties

– scattered soul

– It destroys unity of love

– It destroys testimony

– It breeds hatred and strife

,- It breeds suspicions and destroys trust – It can lead to late marriage

– Loss of concentration

– It destroys integrity

– Destroys boldness as sin breeds fear

– Barrenness through STDs

– Spiritual Husband/Wife attack due to lust and fornication.

– Sex in dream due to presence of spiritual husband and wife

– Sickness due to sex in dream

– Turns one to foot mat of demons

– Insatiable appetite for sex (Nymphomania)

– Inability to stick to one’s partner after marriage, for a fornicator is a potential adulterer.

– Loss of the presence of the Spirit of God.

– People may start to see you as a bad influence i.e. loss of integrity.

– Rejection, loneliness

– Sadness and worry

– It destroys good relationship

– Hinders God’s plan for ones life.

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– Fear and guilt

– Shame and disgrace.


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