How Pastors can Use Social Media to Double Their Congregations in 3 Weeks


How Pastors can Use Social Media to Double Their Congregations in 3 Weeks

The era of using megaphone alone for evangelism has passed. We are in a digital age and you must stop being an analogue Pastor. If you want your impact to be significant, you need to upgrade yourself.
Here lie 6 social media tools to make your work more efficient and increase your congregation.
Some tools should be involved in your social media usage to make it effective. Some of them are:

Video: Video is the current king, you can’t afford to neglect it. The youths love short videos. Get the youths by employing videos for them strategically.

E-banner: There are tools online that can help you produce good e-banners for your youth outreach.

Don’t just print handbills and give them to your members. Most of them will not distribute your handbills. If they do; how many people can they reach? So, employ social media to reach the youths, that is where they are.


USE TWITTER: You’ve got to be on twitter if you want to catch the youths of today. Encourage your youth to be on twitter and follow you and the church twitter handle, teach them to always like and retweet your posts, through this you can use them to reach their friends.

USE INSTAGRAM RIGHTLY: Lots of youth are on Instagram because of the video cravings, learn about it and make good use of it.

TRAIN YOUR MEMBERS: Train the youth and even the church members productive ways to use social media for business and evangelism. With a well-trained church, you can use them to reach the youths on social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA PAID ADVERT: Use paid adverts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. to reach the youths beyond your reach.

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