Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her lifeProverbs31:10-12 KJV).

Many wives believe that men are tough, that their heart is hard and impenetrable. Despite this,there are 16 things every wife can do to melt the heart of her husband.They are:

  1. PUBLIC RESPECT:Men,regardless of their race,colour,height or class in the society wants to be respected by their wives even if she is the one feeding them.Top among the respect they crave for is public respect. They want to be addressed with respect in the presence of their friends,colleagues and onlookers.Stop calling him by his first name,call him:My Lord,M.D,Sweet Heart,My Love and so on.Respect his orders, instructions,opinions and uniqueness.Talk to him with respect and let him know that you do.Any woman that disrespects her husband outside shall have a difficult man to live with.
  2. TAKE TO HIS CORRECTIONS:No matter your height or achievement in life,you must be humble enough to obey your husband.Honour him,let him control you, take to his corrections and don’t be stubborn.Don’t disdain his authority,be teachable and you will be greatly loved by him.
  3. LOVE HIS MOTHER:Majority of wives often make the mistake of marrying their husbands only and declaring hatred and war on his mother. This is a grave error. You cannot hate his mother and expect him to love you. Men love their mother so much because that is the first woman in their life.Accept his mother,demonstrate love to her by buying gifts for her on your own,encourage your husband to visit her too.Don’t just love his mother,love his father and his entire family.
  4. BE FASHIONABLE: No man can resist an attractive woman,with good dress sense. Be neat;put on clean,current and fitted attire with a very good colour combination. Stop dressing like an old school woman who is colour blind,wearing unfitted clothes thereby looking older than her age.Dress like a babe,not like a woman.
  5. COOK HIS FOOD: Whosoever controls the mouth of a man controls his heart.This is so,because the road to the heart of a man is through the kitchen door.Don’t be too busy to cook for your husband.Create the time to cook his meal the way he wants it. Stop delegating his meal to housemaids or your siblings.Cook delicious and timely meal food for him.
  6. SERVE HIS FOOD:Don’t just cook his food alone,serve it specially.Don’t delegate it to someone else;serve his food with special plates and treat him like a VIP.Treat him like a special guest on the dining table.
  7. BUY GIFTS FOR HIM:Contrary to general belief that only men should buy gifts for women,in marriage,men normally appreciate gifts from their wives.Don’t just wait for him to buy gifts for you,buy for him too.Strange women often trade with this secrets, even thoughthey will get triple of the amount spent.Wives,wise up!
  8. GIVE HIM FINANCIAL SUPPORT:Some men go into extra-marital affairs with women older than them due to her financial status.This attitude is wrong but it is a pointer to the fact that men also want financial support from the women in their lives.Don’t just be his wife,be his financial supporter.Help him financially to finance his project,fix his car,build a house,pay the children school fees whenever the need arise.Give him financial support and he will give you his entire life.
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  1. I have been living here for almost 3 years. Everything I depend on my husband even financial. I did all of that except the financial because I’m a home mom I don’t have any income but why I still get hurt, I can’t get what ever I want, it tough for me. I can’t do anything without crying

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