infatuation & love


  1. It is godly
  2. Love is not blind
  3. You use your common sense here hence you know wrong from right
  4. It is patient, it waits till after wedding before sex
  5. It cannot disorganise you
  6. It puts God first
  7. It lasts long and leads to a glorious marriage
  8. If you are in love, you will be in control
  9. It does not focus on outward attraction
  10. No eye service
  11. It is selfless
  12. It obeys the church authority
  13. It focuses on purity
  14. It glorifies and honours God
  15. It comes from matured mind
  16. It desires to give
  17. It pleases God
  18. It is not proud, it is submissive
  19. It is not envious
  20. It is a good foundation upon which you can build your home as it is based on God.
  21. It is an emotion mixed with kindness and compassion


  1. It emanates from flesh
  2. It starts fast, they call it “love at first sight”
  3. Infatuation is blind
  4. common sense is absent here, hence, anything can happen
  5. It wants sex now!
  6. It disorganizes as you do things out of your sense.
  7. It Idolises the so-called lover, hence he/she is considered first before God or His word.
  8. It does not last long and it produces bitterness
  9. If you are infatuated, you lose control of yourself
  10. It is based on outward attraction
  11. It involves eye service (pretence)
  12. It is selfish
  13. It disobeys parents, and the church authority
  14. It glorifies unrighteousness
  15. It glorifies and exalts gains
  16. It is from immature mind
  17. It desires to take
  18. It annoys God
  19. It is proud
  20. It is full of envy
  21. It is a bad foundation for marriage. Do not build on it.
  22. It is only emotion without compassion.

With these differences in mind, examine whether you are truly in love or infatuated. Test whether that person is in love with you or infatuated.

One thing I want you to bear in mind, is that any relationship that is not based on God is not based on love. So all those boy/girl friendship are not love affair but infatuation induced.