Sunday, August 14, 2022
Why Love Is So Confusing To Youths

Why Love Is So Confusing To Youths


The act of love is inevitable in all and sundry’s life. Ideal imaginations and fanciful dreams have ultimately illuminated love to such an extent that even the word “love” is said to leave hearts thumping with excitement. It is such an enormous and complex emotion causing or commanding someone to appreciate and adore something that seems excellent, desirable and delightful. When it is sincere, it brings ineffable joy to hearts and souls.

Young people’s love-thirst and ardour to be loved by somebody that seems loveable has been so ungovernable that everything about love is becoming contradictory and confusing to them. They mostly consider the infatuation, lust and sexual desires of the opposite sex to be the end of their search for “ideal love.” Can they mind giving away everything in their possession to hold on to the ‘precious love’ they have already grabbed? Absolutely No. They may even ask: “What is wrong with giving away sex or virginity to someone that loves me?” Well, the duration of romantic feelings answer the question. But the gospel-truth about love (true) is that it does not exploit but gives, while other dubious things that carry the name of love exploit and take.


It is frustrating to learn that every moment on earth is greeted by hearts pounding in bitterness as a result of lost love and mourning of dead dreams. Why is it happening like this when love is expected to bring perfect tranquility as reward to those in love? Is it that the only thing fascinating nowadays is sex and not everlasting relationships? Is falling in and out of love the best way of having fun now? Beyond all reasonable doubts, the answer is “No”. Then why? It is simply because romantic feelings are the basic ingredient of modern love stories, and whenever they are missing, O! Love is dead. The fact is that romantic feelings are not constant. The y may be in “the highs” and “the lows”. True love also comprises of romantic feelings, but these beautiful feelings are not everything about real love. True love goes far beyond that! Commitment, patience, selflessness and building of positive dreams for each other are what characterize true love.

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If youths really know, how intoxicating love issues can be, they would conceptualize the philosophy of growing in love rather than falling in love mostly at first sight. Lying and pretending are now key players in the love game. But patience and perseverance bring success galore to the search for true love. Pairs that took time to get in love know the worth of being loveable and loving. And those that rushed into it for the fun of it will rush out of it for the lack of fun the discovered.

It is better to stay out of love for the right reason than to fall in love for the wrong reason.

-By Amara Sesay

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