Sex In Marriage: Ways To Approach Sex In Marriage


Sex In Marriage: Ways To Approach Sex In Marriage
Bisi Adewale

Examine several ways to approach sex for a better result; don’t just approach it like any other issue in your life. There are ways to approach it to make it a thing of joy and happiness and give the parties involved fulfillment they desire and create harmony and intimacy at home.
(1) Approach sex with love; knowing fully well that sex is love making. Approach your partner with love, do everything out of love, put your spouse first, make sex enjoyable for him/her.
(2) Approach sex with kindness knowing fully well that God created sex to be enjoyed not to be endured. Do everything in the bedroom out of kindness to your mate; go for longer foreplay to show that you are kind to your wife. Allow your husband to sleep with you atimes when you don’t feel like doing it just to show your kindness.
(3) Approach sex with thanksgiving knowing fully well that sex is a gift from God. Always see sex as a gift from God, accept it with love, accept it with joy, and accept it with thanksgiving.
(4) Approach sex with selflessness knowing fully well that givers never lack. Most people approach the bed with the thought of what to gain and enjoy, not with the mind of what to give to their partner and to satisfy them. Selfishness in bed makes a man not to want to go for foreplay but want sex, have his way, jump from the woman and start to snore like a bull dog. It is this same selfishness that makes a man to be careless whether his wife reach orgasm or not, his own concern is to satisfy himself and go his way. The barbaric thought of “ I want to conquer a woman” “ I want to sleep with her” “ I want to enjoy myself” is what is still reigning in the bedroom even among those that have been married for twenty years, they’ve forgotten that sex is not about “conquering” it is about ‘love making’
Women too should be selfless if they only want to give their bodies to their husbands whenever they have the feelings, they will destroy their homes. Some women only want their husbands to give them a good and long foreplay and nothing more, this is selfish, it must change, see sex as a service to your spouse, you will be surprised how your response and performance will change for good.

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