Family Finance: Understanding True Wealth in Family PT 111


Family Finance: Understanding True Wealth in Family PT 111
Bisi Adewale

1. Strategic Relationship and Friendship. Somebody said, “If you want to go fast; go alone, if you want to go far; go together” that is the truth of life. You can NEVER be the best alone, association is said to determine destiny; you cannot afford to lose, keep good friendship.
The Bible says, “He who walk with the wise will be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. (Proverbs 13:20). The companies you keep determine the impact you will make in life. A day away from wrong association is like a day in paradise. Your contact with the right man is the last bus stop to your throne; because, access to the place of power is through the people in power; and success is transferable by your association with successful people. People can build and people can pull down, beware!
Develop good friendship, YOU NEED PEOPLE MORE THAN THEY NEED YOU. People are assets, they are your wealth, and they are your future. You can’t go alone, you must go with somebody, and you must climb the shoulder of somebody to see far ahead of you.
2. Good Marriage. The best relationship you should have with any human being should be with your spouse. You can’t say you are a success, when you have a very sad and weeping spouse. You can’t say you are wealthy when your home is ‘leaking’. Do everything to make your marriage a solid one, don’t pursue money at the expense of your family life; you may live to regret it. You belong to your family, your family belongs to you, and your spouse needs you more than anybody. Don’t fail him/her, go ahead and be a blessing, be a positive husband/wife. Be romantic, be loving and caring, be a friend, go ahead be affectionate and a lover.
Balance your life; make your spouse your priority. Put him/her on your ‘to do’ list, find time to talk, gist, pray, play, date and make love. Don’t allow boredom in your bedroom, build hot and sizzling marriage. Don’t ever allow business and busyness sniff life out of your marriage. Your family is all you have; your family is your wealth.
3. Personal Relationship with God. Your relationship with God should be paramount in your heart; it is your real wealth, it is your real insurance and assurance here on earth and life beyond. Don’t ever allow your business life to affect your relationship with God. Know Him, serve Him, worship Him, adore Him and serve Him. Put God first in everything you do, nobody love you like Him, nobody can protect you like Him, your life is not secure without Him. So give your life to Christ and live Holy and righteous, that is the greatest wealth.

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