Family finance: Practical ways to Change your financial Level Pt 3


Practical ways to Change your financial Level Pt 3

Bisi Adewale

In the last article, I open your eyes to financial levels of families and I promised to show you how to get to the best level- the “flourishing level, this week. But first, let me open your eyes to seven kind of money; because the kind of money you make determine the financial level your family will attain.
1. Blood Money. This is the money made by killing others or by occultic power. No matter how you want to hide if you make money by the blood route, your sin will find you out. Judgment of God will catch up with you, it may be sooner, it may be later, but the blood money will demand your blood and that of your family. Blood is sacred, blood is life. You have no right to shed anybody’s blood before you make money. It is unjust; it is unfair to turn a young woman to a widow and children fatherless all in the name of making money.
2. Gift money. Gift money is the money you made as a gift, lottery or by inheritance. Lottery is money won by chance, through drawing of lots, this do happen to one among hundreds of millions people and it is likely going to happen to that particular individual once in his life time. Reports shows that 99% of those who won lottery end their life in poverty with many committing suicide, so you cannot base your life on it. Those who involve in gambling and pools are just wasting their life and hard earned money. Don’t ever rely on inheritance, only fools do that, great mind work for their own mind, feeble mind rely on inheritance.
3. Parting Money. Parting is the money you are giving when leaving an organization you worked for many years. They call it ‘gratuity’. Most civil servant in this country have their gratuities in mind all the day of their service years, they waste their present income thinking their gratuity will cover them up in retirement. What a wrong thought! Gratuity can never cover you in retirement if you don’t prepare well for the retirement before you get there. The worst things to do is to pretend as if there will be no gratuity and prepare yourself for the period of retirement.


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Practical ways to Change your financial Level Pt 3

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