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There are many areas where couples should make sure they are transparent if they really desire stronger and better marriage.AREAS OF TRANSPARENCY IN MARRIAGE.

1. Family transparency: Couples should be transparent in the way they relate with individual families.Given secretive supports to your family without the knowledge of your spouse will totally break trust if your spouse get to know. Handle your families together in love, openness and transparency, don’t allow your family to come between you. You are not even permitted to love your family more than your spouse; your spouse comes first after God in your life.AREAS OF TRANSPARENCY IN MARRIAGE.

2. Phone Transparency: This is another area where modern couples do fail to be transparent.Many do hide their phones for their spouses, some do take their phones with them when they go to the toilet and bathroom, many do put codes on their phones so that their spouses will not be able to access it if they (spouse) were able to lay hands on it. Some will be receiving calls and be walking away from their spouse saying “hello,hello, network is bad” just to walk away from where their spouse can hear them.Some will deliberately not to pick some calls in the presence of their spouses. If you have nothing to hide,why hiding your phone from your spouse , make or receive call secretly? If there is no skeleton in your cupboard ;why taking phones to the bath room? Or restricting your spouse access to it.


3. Mail transparency: A whole lots of people can never allow their spouse to have access to their mails. If you have nothing to hide, then you don’t need to hide your e- mail details to your spouse. There is no e- mail address that I have that my wife cannot access, a times I will even tell her to check the mails for me or send mail to people on my behalf. Remember; both of you must first be NAKED so as not not to be ashamed.AREAS OF TRANSPARENCY IN MARRIAGE.

4. FRIENDSHIP TRANSPARENCY: No other relationship can be stronger or better than your relationship with your spouse.Your relationship with your husband or wife comes first in everything you do, please don’t  toy with  it. You spouse has the right to know what transpire between you and anybody you call your friend. Please note that, if you are a married man; your close friends or people you call “friends” should be men like you not ladies.Likewise, friends  of married women should be ladies not men as this help to destroy trust and transparency in marriage and bring fear and suspicion.

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5. FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY : If there is any area couples do find it difficult more than any area, that area is in the area of financial transparency. Most people value money more than their spouses, hence, they make sure they  hide everything financial from their husbands and wives.They easily tell lies when it involves money,they hide their pay packet and make sure their spouse do not know how much they earn as salary and other incomes.AREAS OF TRANSPARENCY IN MARRIAGE.
To have financial transparency in your marriage,you need to be open to each other about how much is coming in and how it is been spent.Let your spouse know your debts,obligations,fees,bills,rents,rates and fares to be paid and when. Your expected income and how you plan to spend it. The project you have now and how it is being run etc AREAS OF TRANSPARENCY IN MARRIAGE.
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