How to build Great marriage- Pastor Bisi Adewale



Pastor Bisi Adewale spoke at the Lagos Singles and Married Conference 2017 which held at the National stadium Surulere, Lagos on the 29th of October 2017 about the things couples need to build a Great marriage.

The Pastor who is the founder of Family Booster Ministry who organized the Conference addressed the Singles and Married in attendance at the program about the importance of building a Great marriage.

He said: “Evil marriage is not genetic; that your parent had a bad marriage does not mean you should have a bad marriage.”

Pastor Bisi Adewale mentioned that Great marriage can be built by connecting with one’s manufacturer, which is God, he said: “When you connect with the Holy Spirit, your marriage will be transformed. If you live a righteous life, God will settle all your troubles.”

He mentioned that great marriage can also be built by having a good beginning. He said: “If you start your marriage in a hurry, it will end in horror.”
While ministering the Pastor also mentioned that proper readiness will help a couple to build great marriage, he added that another major key to building a great marriage is building bridges and not walls.

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He encouraged the husbands to take care of their wives as he explained that when a woman is young she is her husband’s mistress, when she is middle-aged, she becomes his mother, when she and her husband become old, then she becomes his nurse.
Pastor Bisi Adewale pointed out that because the devil hates marriages, the couple must declare war, which is ‘Army against Army’.

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