Bisi Adewale’s antidote to sexual abuse launched


Bisi Adewale’s antidote to sexual abuse launched


As an antidote to the menace of sexual abuse in the society, a seasoned family coach and marriage counsellor, Pastor Bisi Adewale has called on parents, guardians, schools and even churches to start teaching their children and wards sex education from the early age.


In her opening remarks, wife of the author and a marriage counsellor too, Mrs Funmi Adewale said the writing of the book was borne out of an urgent need to mitigate this great problem in the society today. “There is urgent need to educate parents and the society so that their children will not be victims of sexual abuse and to counsel those that were abused and bring comfort to them. The book tells them how to teach them about sex education, how to identify predators and how to run away from them.

The book also reveals what sexual abuse is and how a child can be abused. It gives the differences between sex education and sexualisation, recent statistics on child sexual abuses and shows reasons why parents should be careful about people they trust with their children’s upkeep. A study revealed that about 80 per cent of sexually abused children have been abused by people known closely to them (uncles, cousins, aunties, teachers, spiritual leaders, neighbours, nannies, baby sitters etc.),” he noted.


How to identify predators and paedophiles, know when their children are being sexually abused and what to do are also discussed. The book is available at several books outlets.