Child sexual abuse epidemic in Nigeria

proteting your children
proteting your children

Pastor Bisi Adewale of Family Booster Ministry International, Lagos, says the menace of child sexual abuse has assumed an epidemic proportion in the country.

Adewale spoke at the weekend in Lagos during the presentation of the book, “Protecting Your Children from Sexual Abuse

He told journalists that all hands must be on deck to tame sexual exploitation of children.

He said many parents had exposed their children to sexual abuses owing to negligence and nonchalant attitudes.


He described the boook as an intervention to teach parents what they needed to do to protect their children from sexual predators.

He also harped on the importance of sex education for children which, he noted, was also the focus of the book.

He said: “We should be concerned about this epidemic. Every day you hear of a 60- year-old man abusing a 12- year old girl and so. We need to do something about this epidemic. Many people don’t know that something like this is going on.


“Many parents are not listening to their children. This book exposed the mistakes made by some parents. It is on record that 80 percent of child abusers are close the the family. We need to give our children the right education on issues of sexual abuse to protect them from sexual predators”.