Marriage,Effect Of Third Party


Marriage,Effect Of Third Party

Marriage,Effect Of Third Party

_By Bisi Adewale

Third party are known to affect marriage negatively, most of the time they pretend to be friends of the family but end up causing great havoc by doing the following:

1.They take side with one of the partners to fight the other.
2.They enjoy it when couple fight
3.They cause disunity and separation
4.They tell lies and carry rumours to destroy marriage
5.hey are able to feather their own net when couple are not in good term, hence they do everything to cause quarrel at home.
6.They can cause deep hatred between couples who are happy married
7.They can become financially burden on the couple.
8.They are not always appreciative no matter what is done for them.
9.They do makes marriage difficult for couples.
8.They do go ahead to destroy home atimes through diabolical ways.
9.They atimes carry rumour that is not true just to make sure they destroy the marriage



1.Do not allow them to come between you.
2.Stand as one, stand in unity.
3.Never go and report your spouse, it is a very good way to play into their hands.
4.Take case of third party to God in prayer.
5.If you must fight, don’t fight in their presence
6.Let them know that you love your spouse
7.Defend and protect your spouse before them.
8.Be very careful to bring them to your house
9.There must be rule and regulations for any one of them that want to stay with you
10.Any one of them that cursing disharmony between both of you should go.
11.Love your spouse deeply, far more than any one of them.
12.Give them what is due to them
13.Pray seriously before you allow any
one of them to come and stay in your house
14.Never dishonor or disrespect your spouse to them
15.Do not expose your spouse weaknesses to them,k
16.Appreciate your spouse generously in their presence
17.Make your mate to love your spouse and make your family to accept him/her too.

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