Family Lifeline With Bisi Adewale (episode 55) GETTING READY FOR MARRIAGE -Part 2

20 Havocs Pre- Marital Sex May Cause You

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Immediately Tomi entered into my office I knew there was a problem. She looked very rough and was crying, she wouldn’t even wait for my Secretary to alert me of her presence, she stormed into the office with the young man and sat down on the floor, crying seriously like a mother who has lost a Child.


I was really baffled; she was to get married in two weeks’ time. What is the problem? I asked.  Sir, he beats me, he slapped me in public, we were at the mall. it was the people around who saved me from him.


That wedding never held, the guy came with his family to beg and apologize, but the lady said they only wanted to protect their image. The wedding invitation was out and they wanted to safe face.


The wise lady stood her ground to safe her future because she knew that there is a day after wedding, which is called Marriage.

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Dear listener,

Don’t close your eyes to the fundamental flaws in that guy or that lady because you want to get married by all means. Check that relationship over and over again. Will it profit you, will it bless your destiny, will you be protected, will you find rest, can it be well with you with that fellow?

Think beyond the glamour of a wedding that will only last for few hours, stop deceiving yourself that, that fellow will change. The truth is; people hardly change in Marriage.

A man that beats you in courtship do not deserve your hands in marriage. If he is fond of cheating on you now and you feel he will suddenly change when you put the ring on him, you are wrong. He is not a Child of God and you feel you will convert him when you marry him, when did you become a converter.

Don’t rush into that wedding and make your life miserable, always remember that there is a day after wedding which is called Marriage.

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