Sex In Marriage: Ways To Approach Sex In Marriage Pt 3


Sex In Marriage: Ways To Approach Sex In Marriage Pt 3
Bisi Adewale

Sex cannot be ignored if you really desired to build a romantic marriage, but when it is not managed well it will have a gross negative effect in your marriage. Here listed below ways to approach it.

(1) Approach sex with patience, knowing that love is patient and that sex is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Be patient with each other; don’t make love in an hurry. Create time to be together, give adequate time for foreplay, and never be in haste.
(2) Approach sex with good communication, knowing fully well that your spouse is different from you and that lack of good communication only bring frustration. Good game needs good talk, as you get the door to your bedroom close, get communication door wide open, keep on talking, talk about your body, your pleasure, what you want, how you want it, how fast, how slow, where you want to be touch, how firm, stroking or fondling, massaging or rubbing, this will add fire to your sex life.
(3) Approach sex with excitement, knowing full well that this is the most exciting thing on earth. Get excited, give excitement, look for excitement and look forward to really enjoy sex with great excitement, it is part of the game.
(4) Approach sex with contentment, knowing full well that your spouse is enough to satisfy you. Be content with your spouse’s body, see him or her as the best God can offer you as far as sex is concerned. Drink water from your Cistern, be content with the water from your own well, be satisfy with the breast of your wife; big or small, standing or bending, pointing or flabby they are called the same name, get carried away with your wife. Never look forward to having another man sleep with you, your husband’s penis is for you, he was circumcised because of you, he is just your size, modify to suit you. Get satisfied with this God given gift.


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