Faces Of Intimacy In Marriage


Faces Of Intimacy In Marriage
Bisi Adewale

To build a solid marriage, your marriage must be intimate, and for a marriage to be called intimate, it must possess all the ‘faces’ of intimacy in a balanced way. Only then can you enjoy a blissful relationship.

1. Spiritual Intimacy. It is the foundation of all other intimacies in marriage. When couples are not spiritually intimate, they will experience problems in other areas. Spiritual intimacy involves having the same religious beliefs, observing religious practices together, serving the same God in the same way. (John 1:1-5)

2. Physical intimacy. This involves doing things together, staying in the same room on the same bed, keeping each other’s company, enjoying each other’s time together, dressing alike, defending, providing for and protecting each other. It also involves eating together, bathing together and keeping in touch even when you are not together. (Song of Solomon 2:4-6)

3. Emotional Intimacy. This is intimacy created through sharing of feelings, vision, ambition, plans, passions, aspirations, thought, belief and openness of mind. Couples that are emotionally intimate pay close attention to each other’s feeling and are vulnerable to each other, harbouring no secrets, no reservation, no darkroom. It is not just about talking but about talking from the heart. Discussion is encouraged instead of mere talking. It is not just about being in a relationship but about fellowshipping together. (Song of Solomon 8:6-7)

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4. Mental Intimacy. This occurs when couples develop the same thought level through interaction and communication. At this stage, they believe the same things, have the same mental attitude and conception, deal with negative conceptions together, develop positive ones and have the same values. Because of our background, temperaments, church affiliation, personality, family set-up, birth order, academic attainment, friendship, environment, career, etc we are bound to see life differently. Closeness and deep communication are tools to building our mental attitude. This will help us eliminate constant arguments, strife and misunderstanding. This is the pathway to bonding and intimacy.

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