25 TRUTHS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT SEX IN MARRIAGE- There are many things couples should know about sex life if their marriage must be what created it to be. Many Couples have turned sex which is gift from The Lord to married couples to a point of discord in their marriage,this is not acceptable at all. Here I will discus briefly,some truths we need to know about Sex as it affect married Couples.

Sex in marriage is holy: Premarital or extramarital sex is unholy,unrighteous and will be punished by God. But Sex between a legally married Man and his wife is Holy and righteous and acceptable to God.

Sex in marriage is Biblical:  Several scriptures point to biblical validation of sex between husband and wife.Some of which are:Genesis 2:24,Genesis 4:1,1Corinthians 7:5,Proverbs 5:15-19.Bible is in total support of sex between husband and wife.It does not negates the law of God as long as it is between a man and his wife.Sex become a sin if it is between unmarried singles or between a married and a single fellow.

Sex in marriage is Godly:Sex is God’s way of giving couples high level pleasure and for the propagation of human race.Husband and wife should not see it as a sin that will hinder their prayers or destroy their relationship with God.So,couples should enjoy it with good conscience.

Sex in marriage is legal:The legality of sex in marriage is establish whenever wedding is conducted between a man and a woman.The real consummation of marriage is in the bedroom between a man and his legally married wife.So it becomes illegal for either the husband or wife to deny one another sex except for the purpose of fasting and prayer.(1cor.7:5)

Sex in marriage is A gift from God:God ,the inventor of sex gave it to man as a gift.That is why He created the male and female sexual organ to fits like ball and socket.Unfortunately,the real abuse of sex in this age is for a man to marry a man and vice versa.God gives sex to strengthen our union and we should not allow it to destroy our marriage.

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Sex in marriage is pure:Sex between a man and his wife is not dirty or sinful.It is pure and righteous regardless of whether it takes place on Sunday morning or any other day of the week.Sex does not hinder the move of God neither does it reduce the anointing.It is pure and holy.In fact,you can pray about your sex life in that marriage.

Sex in marriage is for pleasure:The highest level of pleasure between couples is for husband and wife to engage in pleasureable sex.It must not be seen as a punishment or for procreation alonely.To enjoy the pleasure of sex in your marriage ,a good family planning measure must be in place in order to have fulfilling sex without inhibitions or fear.

Sex in marriage is for procreation;The only way through which God brings children to life is sex.Husband and wife must have sex if they must have their own children.But this must not just be your reason for having sex in marriage.

Sex in marriage must be regular:Regular sex is the oil for servicing intimacy in marriage.Where sex becomes so scarce or either of the parties hates sex,the marriage may experience an encroachment from a strange man or woman which will give the marriage a blow.To have a healthy marriage,regular sex in not negotiable.

Sex in marriage must not be based on calendar:One the the things that brought spice to sex in marriage is spontaneity. It should not be stereotype or calendar based.The use of calendar or time-table removes pleasure from sex and make it mechanical.Calendar based sex can pose a threat to a marriage because Gthe partner deprived as a result of calendar fixing may be tempted to seek for sex outside.The beauty and enjoyment in sex lies on spontaneity.

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Sex in marriage is a Must:There is nothing called marriage without sex.Wedding simply means the licence to have sex between husband and wife.Sex in marriage is a must,it is compulsory.You don’t have sex only when you feel like having it,such attitude will injure that marriage.Remember 1Corinthians 7:5.Once you are in a marriage,sex becomes an obligation.If you hates it ,make up your mind to love it,read books on sex-SEXUAL FULFILMENT IN MARRIAGE and attend couples seminar where issues on sex can be trashed for your help.

Sex in marriage must be between husband and wife: The sanctity of marriage is based on the fact that sex must be between a husband and his wife,this stand till now.There is no justification for having sex with any other person other than ones spouse,that is called adultery and God frowns at it.

Couples should get all their desired sex from their spouse.

Sex in marriage involves only Two:Real sex should be between a man and a woman,that is between two people only.Where sex takes place between a man and three or more women and vice versa is known as sexual pervasion.It is wrong and ungodly.

Sex in marriage must not involve Pornography:Sex in marriage is sacred.So it must not involve the use of pornographic pictures,films-Blue films to stimulate enjoyment.Pornographic materials is the devil’s ploy to destroy the marriage institution.Couples should desist from it.You can actually improve your sex life by reading books by Christian authors.Such books include :Secrets of an irresistible Wife and Secrets of an irresistible Husband.

Sex in marriage do not destroy anointing:Sex in marriage is not a  sinful act .So,it does not drain or destroy the anointing.It destroy the anointing if you engage in it with somebody other than your spouse because Jesus Christ who is the source of anointing hates it.But if you have sex with your spouse alone,it will serve as anointing booster.

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Sex in marriage is not just for Men:Sex in marriage is not one-sided.Its not just for man alone to enjoy,it is for both man and woman.Women should also enjoy it by releasing her mind, inviting her husband for sex.This does not reduce her or labelled her a prostitute.

Sex in marriage makes marriage strong: Constant and pleasurable sex serves as a cement that solidify marriage.Marriage becomes weak,love turns sour when sex is a thng to struggle for and fight about.The longer a couple abstain from sex,the longer it will become difficult for them to stay married.Constant sex is the mother of a strong marriage.

Sex in marriage determine the level of fulfillment at home:Marriage can be  full of joy and atimes frustrating depending on the sexual state of the marriage.Sexually starved spouse may feel frustrated ,bitter and unfulfilled while  couples who enjoyed sex together often feel happy and fulfilled.Good sex puts marriage at the state of rest and brings fulfilment in marriage.

Sex in marriage is a lubricant of love:Fulfilling sex life fire-up passion and lubricate love in marriage.It multiply fondness,pave way for togetherness, companionship and intimacy in  marriage.In many marriage where love dead,their sex life must have long be in the mortuary.

Sex in marriage is what is called Marriage:Marriage has so many branches which can be undertake by anybody other than the couples but the only part which is exclusive for the couples is their sex-life.The real covenant of marriage is sealed and renewed with the sexual intercourse between a man and his wife.Suffice it to say that sex is the real marriage.

Sex in marriage is Healthy:

Sex in marriage should be discussed regularly by couple involve

Sex in marriage must not be denied

Sex in marriage must be creative

Sex in marriage is celebration of love

Culled from sexual fulfillment in Marriage.By Bisi Adewale