3 Kinds of Marriage

3 Kinds of Marriage
3 Kinds of Marriage

3 Kinds of Marriage

Marriage is God sole idea and it is the first institution created by Him in order for His agenda to be accomplished on earth. That is why the devil is always fighting marriages so that it can disrupt the plan of God. I pray he will not succeed in your marriage in Jesus name.

All marriages in the world can be classified into three namely:



This is represented by plates that contain the mattress foam. The foam always demands water and more water. It never gives water to anybody and the one in it yesterday will not be in it today. It’s always in need.

This is the most terrible form of marriage. It involves at least, one of the two partners being ‘needy’, placing demands upon demand without putting anything back on the table.



This is represented by a plate containing sand. It’s what you plant in the sand that it will give back to you. Whatever you give, you will get back in return.

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A marriage between a man and woman will be fairly good based on what they can offer each other. This is where many married couples are. The marriage will be good as long as they are getting what they want in the way they want it and the time they want it. However, problems start when such wants are not met and desires are not fulfilled.



This is represented by a plate that contains the mustard seeds. Seeds are always ready to give more. They give more than what was given and will not place a demand. In fact, it always gives its whole life in service for a bountiful harvest.

In a marriage where two people are connected, it’s always heaven on earth. Selflessness, service and sacrifice is the order of the day. Selfishness, self-centeredness and stinginess are far from them. They are willing to serve each other and make the home a place to be for all, and they will end up building a great marriage.



3 Kinds of Marriage

3 Kinds of Marriage