-Bisi Adewale

Every woman love to remain a babe in the hands of her husband they don’t want to be treated as a madam, don’t want to be treated as oldies. The truth is, your wife is as old as you make her to feel, so go ahead treat her like a babe, yes she is your babe, the girl you were running after just a few years ago. Make her happy, if you give her love she will give you comfort. Genesis 24:67. Do the following: 51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE
1: Notice when she is wearing a new dress or a new hairdo and complement her generously.
2: Put your arms around her when you are introducing her to friends or colleagues.
3: occasionally call her the name her daddy use to call her when she was young and tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is.
4: Call her in the office and say I just want to be sure you are fine, do this often. 51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE
5: Give her “kitchen off” weekend, that weekend, step into the kitchen as the full time “house husband” cook all the food or order eateries to fill the vacuum by supplying your meals or take your family out to eat.
6: Take your wife(your babe) out on a date, eat out together, go to movies, parks, shop together etc, just treat her the way you would a girl friend, yes she is still your girl friend. 51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE
7: DEEP TALK: When she want to talk to you, turn to her fully, close the newspaper, off the television, put down the phone and don’t pick it during the discussion. Don’t touch the iPad, listen with rap attention, like you were doing before she married you, listen and react, your reaction may be nodding your head, smile reply. one of the greatest need of a woman is the need for deep discussion, they can never outgrown this, please satisfy the woman that gave you her all.
8:CUDDLE WITHOUT SEX: get her on your chest,move her closer to you especially when she is tired,fearful,sad or stressed. Do this without sex in mind let her just feel like a baby which she is in your arm. Watch her sleep in your arm,you will discover she is very beautiful,yes she is.51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE
9:HOME LOVE: Decide to stay at home during the weekend just to be with her and let her know you are at home because of her. Spend most of the time with her; talking,gusting,playing, just make the moment pleasant for her.
10: BABY LOVE: lock her inside the room, don’t permit the children to enter, for about six hours just let her sleep, this can be on Saturday or public holiday or after the service on Sunday. Take good care of the children throughout this period, tell them mummy need rest, let her enjoy herself. Cook the food, take it to her in the room and let her continue her rest, it is a “weekend off” for her, she is not going to cook or care for the children it is your duty guy, be a good guy, do it well.
11: BODY LOVE:  after her sojourn in the kitchen and with your children, lay her down and give her quality body massage, from her head to her toe, a good massage oil is suggested but not compulsory, sex is not the focus in this kind of massage but you may end up been rewarded for a job well done if you so it well, Who knows
12: DINING LOVE: After eating food cooked by her, turn to her in the presence of all the children and say, this is a nice meal, children rise up, take a bow for mummy, clap for her and say mummy we enjoy your meal you are too much. Make all of them to Hug her one after the other and say mummy you are too good. Do this often
13: VALUE HER: It is interesting to see how boyfriends normally treat their girl friends, compare it to the way men treat their wives, the difference is totally clear. Most men treat their wives without regard, let this change, treat her with honor and respect, don’t just tell her ” I love you” tell her “I value you”, DONT just say it; show it, stop every other thing to attend to her, treat her as you would treat her if she is still your girlfriend. Treat her like a queen, the first lady, handle her with great honor and reverence, she will become better for you and flow in new love and romance to your satisfaction.


14: DECLARE A GIFT MONTH OR WEEK: Buy gift for her every day of that month or week. it may be the month of her birthday. tell her it is your gift month or week. Go ahead, buy gifts for her every day, from little to big one, just be creative. From camisole, to wrist watch, phone, handkerchief, shoe, suit, car,iPad,bag,book,cloth,scarf,hat,fridge,oven,refrigerator,fruits you know she love, micro wave oven, gas cooker, washing machine, blender, pepper soup, bible, dish washer, night dress, neck lace. Beads, make up kit, massage oil, perfume, cream, powder, brassiere, biscuits, snacks, nice panties etc. remember she is not just your wife she is your babe take good care of her.

15: VERBAL LOVE 1: Say nice thing about her in the presence of outsiders. Praise her in the public, recognize her as a special person in your life. NEVER CRITICIZE OR CONDEMN IN THE PUBLIC.

16: VERBAL LOVE 2: Say nice things to your darling wife. Things like: “am glad I married you” ,”great job girl” “you look beautiful baby” “you are  great wife” “I can’t exchange you for a million dollar” “you look like angel” “you are reliable” “you are the best cook” “you are the best among women” “you are a gem” “I thank God for the day I met you” etc


17: VERBAL LOVE 3: Go ahead say more of this often. “I love you” “I value you” “you are a great woman” “you are invaluable” “you are a blessing to me” “you are a good person” “you are the best in bed” “you have Midas touch” “you are romantic” “you are a darling” “you are my heart beat” “you are God sent to me” “you a prayer answered to me” Say this words regularly to your wife and she will forever be your babe.

18: KNEE LOVE: Let her knee down before you, place her head on your lap as you sit on a chair, place your right hand on her  head and your left hand on her back( see the picture below) begin to pray for her, she does not need to say amen, let her just lie down there, bless her for more than 15 minutes as a father would a great daughter, she may even sleep off as you bless her, it is part of the deal, if she totally relax, she can sleep off as she enter the state of rest and joy. If she sleep off leave her and let her sleep like that for a long time or you may take her and gently lay her on bed and let her sleep, what a day it will be for your babe, your lover, the best woman in the world

18: HANDMADE LOVE: on her birthday, send a handmade card to her office by courier service. Write words of love and romance in the card, don’t write like husband will do, write like a lover boy her Prince Charming. Just be free; write what you know she will like to read.

19: DRESS HER UP: As she prepare for an outing, dress her up. Help her choose what to wear ,help her with the cream, powder and her makeup, help her with her skirt, blouse and even her panties and bra. when she finish dressing up ;praise her to the high heaven
as she is going out, you have made her day and you are a great guy.

20: TEXT LOVE: Send romantic text message to her, just to appreciate her, don’t delay, DO IT NOW! Yes I MEAN NOW!, pick your phone and send a loving and romantic text message to her, tell her you love her, tell her she is the best woman in the world. let her feel like a lady, DO IT NOW!

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21: GRAND RECEPTION: Welcome her back home with a great enthusiasm, let her know you are glad to see her back home, smile, welcome her like a queen, welcome her by standing up and hug her. let her feel loved, let her feel welcome, let her feel important.

22: APPRECIATION DAY: Turn her birthday to an appreciation day. Invite her friends, neighbors, colleague, church members (etc) to talk about her goodness and quality. Let your children talk at last about “mummy” , then you as the chief host should be the last to talk. Talk about her beauty, good character, fashion sense, motherhood, wife hood etc praise her and let all the people stand up to honor her.

23: SHOPPING LOVE: Take her out on a shopping spree, if you can take her to Dubai why not if you can’t take her to the place you can afford, it is not the place that matter but love and thoughtfulness behind it. Buy good cloth for her, clothes, shoes, bags, under wear, nightie (etc)will make her happy. make her look like a queen, no woman is ugly all they need is adornment and money “panel beating” ,Every woman love shopping, spoil your wife a little by taking her out for shopping. Don’t just give her money to go on her own, no, take her there yourself and help her choose what you love to see in her body and if you take a woman out for shopping please be patience with her, women do take time to make up their minds when shopping, it is her day, let her enjoy it to the fullest, please don’t shout on her when seems slow, that is a woman for you, enjoy your time with her.
24:  MARRIAGE WONDER: Always remember that marriage is not a war but a wonder, so always treat your wife like a friend, not like an enemy, bend backward to make her happy, tantalize her always.
25:  MOOD SETTER: Pay attention to the mood of your wife, when she is happy rejoice with her, when she is sad motivate and encourage her and find way to help out. 51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE

Please,join me tomorrow for the concluding part. 51 WAYS TO TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A BABE

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