Family lifeline With Pastor Bisi Adewale (Episode 50) – TREAT YOUR MARRIAGE LIKE A CAR


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Rose and Peter who were Campus lovers and the envy of everyone soon became sworn-enemies just three years into their marriage.
Friends and colleagues took turns to help them but to no avail, their marriage seems doomed for destruction but a friend introduced them to a seasoned marriage counsellor who listened to them.

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They told the counsellor their anger towards each other and why they are not meant for each other. They both agreed their marriage is doomed and have resolved to get a divorce by all means.


Having listened to them, the counsellor got up, picked his car keys, told them to follow him and took them out for a drive. As they drove by, he suddenly parked the car behind another car with a flat tyre.

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He asked the couple, what is wrong with that Car; they said it has a flat tyre. Then he asked them again what the driver is doing to it, they said he is trying to change the tyre.  Why is he not trying to change the Car?  They both laughed and said that will be foolish, any car with a flat tyre needs a change of tyre not a change of car.


The counsellor said go and do the same to your marriage, change the tyre and not the Car, the problem is with your attitude not with your spouse, treat your marriage like that Car.

I want to say the same to you today, treat your marriage like a car, don’t think of changing your spouse rather change your bad attitudes, you will have a better spouse and a new marriage in the process.
We refuel our Cars every day but forget to refuel our marriages; we leave our marriages to run on dry tanks of affection, attention, romance and intimacy.
We all wash our cars every day, wash your heart of every deposit of hatred, offences and anger, treat your Marriage like a Car.

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Improve your knowledge; don’t base your life and marriage on the philosophy of Man but on the wisdom of God.


We do a lot each day to maintain our Cars, do much more to maintain your Marriage.

I am Bisi Adewale,

Have a blissful day




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