How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

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How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

Bisi Adewale

How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

Friends, do you know why people normally say “He died like a fowl? It is because if a fowl dies at Christmas only the family members gather at the dining table to ‘mourn’ it. No obituary will be placed on paper and nobody will miss the fowl. Dear, if you should die today, (God forbid) how many people will mourn you? Please don’t die like a fowl. If you don’t solve anybody’s problem, nobody will care whether you live or die.

David Jordan said, “The world stands aside to let anyone pass that knows where he is going”. A visionless life is a godless life. Going through life without a vision is like driving a car at 120 kilometers per hour with your windscreen uncovered. What do you think will happen?

Success doesn’t answer to prayer, it answers to vision.

Don’t pray for money. Ask for vision. Don’t go for money, go for vision. Vision will look for money. Mike Murdock said, “You will never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be”. He further said, today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday.

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And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all fresh. Your young men shall see visions”. (Joel 2:28).

We are in the later days. Later day saints are supposed to see visions according to the scripture. They are supposed to see afar. Creativity is said to be the mother of invention. But a creative mind is a graduate of the school of vision.

Success is totally based on vision. Vision is the sure foundation upon which you can build your future. All other ground is sinking ground.

Dare to have a godly vision and prepare to work it out. Let it make you a captive. You will soon become a celebrity.

To discover your purpose, answer these questions carefully.

  • What is that thing you normally do with ease?
  • What is that thing you always love to do?
  • What is that thing you can do better than your mates?
  • What is that thing people prefer you do?
  • What is that thing people prefer you do?
  • What is your hobby?
  • What are those things people normally relish when you do them?
  • What is the Lord telling you to do?
  • What do you normally hate to see, if you hate to see student failing their exams, God may be telling you to have a tutorial center.
  • What do you normally love to see? If you normally love to see children and staying in their midst, God may be telling you to have a Day Care Center.
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How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

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