Marriage Killers 2


Marriage Killers 2

-Bisi Adewale
“Catch us the foxes the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes’’ SOS 2:15.The rate of divorce is becoming so alarming that we need to examine its causes and how to curtail it; things that cause divorce, bad marriage and separation are what we called marriage killers. (continuation of Marriage Killers 1)

4.Self. Self is a great destroyer of good marriage. Self is the founder of selfishness, emanating from pride and ignorance. Self develops ‘Solo syndrome’ and adopts pronouns like “I”, “me”, “mine” “myself”. Self wants to be thanked always for everything done well but do not see any reason why he should thank anybody for anything.

5. Intolerance. Inability to listen and consider the opinion of others can degenerate into despising the other person and even lead to hatred. An intolerant person is often touchy and irritable. He or she is full of self, sensitive to criticism but insensitive to others.

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6. Personality Clash. A man and his wife are supposed to be complementary, not competitive. But when both insist on being themselves and are unwilling to carry each other along, it will create problem at home.
Though the man is in the position of power, authority, decision making and leadership, he must love his wife and avoid being a dictator. He should abhor criticism and mudslinging. The woman is then in position of dependence and influence, she is an helper and adviser. She should however be loving, caring and complement her husbands.

7. Third Party Influence. Negative influences of friends, families, neighbors, colleagues and children should be dealt with. No matter how strong it is, couples should learn to be one. There should be oneness and unity and they should not allow anybody to destroy their union.

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