Bisi Adewale 

As you prepare to get married, learn how to be a husband and a daddy. Don’t be a father who is just a sperm donor; learn how to be a daddy. You have to do the following: 

1) Prepare to be the spiritual leader of the house: Learn how to lead your wife and children at home. You need not be a pastor before you pastor your family and lead them to God.

 2) Become her lover boy: Learn to be the lover boy of your wife, not just her husband. Romance, love and date her, making her happy all the days of your life. Don’t outgrow intimacy and care; don’t stop chasing your lover girl, your wife.

3) Learn to be a daddy: Don’t just be a father, be more than that; be a daddy. Be:

     D- Dependable

    A- Available

    D- Distinct

    D- Discipline

    Y- Yoke with his family

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 4) Make provision: Provide for your family at least the basic needs of life. That is what makes you a man. Anything less is not acceptable to God.

5) Nourish: Nourish your wife, give her a gift, and take care of her.

 6) Protect: Protect your wife from your family and anybody that want to molest her, be on her side always.

7) Groom her: On your wedding day, you will be called a GROOM. This simply means you will need to groom your wife to be the best; you will need to be patient with her as the Lord is working on her.

8) Vision owner: You must have a vision. Pass it across to your wife and children and follow it up until it succeeds.

9) Leader: Be a leader at home, not a lord.

10) Warrior: Be a spiritual warrior; fight on your knees to defend and protect your family from satanic assault. Be prayerful; don’t relax. You are the gatekeeper of your house; you can’t afford to sleep off.


11) Be a landlord: Get prepared to build your own house as quick as possible.

12) Be a darling: Let your wife and children rejoice when you arrive home; Be loving, caring and a storyteller; be humorous at home.

As you prepare for marriage please note that you must not fail in these twelve places, so prepare yourself to succeed.

God bless you

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