How To Have A Great Marriage

How To Have A Great Marriage
How To Have A Great Marriage

How To Have A Great Marriage

-By Bisi Adewale

Many people dream of having a great marriage but only a few gets it. A great marriage is not a wishful thinking, there are things to be done and efforts to make.


1) Solid Foundation: Solid foundation will make your marriage solid. Avoid making your marital choice based on wealth, money, beauty, fame and other material things that will not last.Instead, pray and check the character of that person before you get married.

2) Solid Preparation: Don’t get married without preparing for it.Solid preparation will help your marriage weather storm without sinking.Prepare very well through prayer, premarital counselling, attending marriage related seminars and reading marriage books. Solid preparation will prevent your marriage from being weak.


3) Think Right: Your marriage can not be better than your thoughts.Let your thoughts towards your spouse be positive.Avoid thinking about vengeance and how to punish your spouse.Think about what to do to make your spouse happy.



4) Positive Communication: Form the habit of communicating positively with your spouse.Be open in your communication, avoid cutting remarks and talk like friends and lovers.

5) Positive Reaction: You can not get all your expectations met hundred percent in marriage.No matter the action or mistake of your spouse, never react negatively.Always react positively.


6) Be A Team Player: Marriage gets better and great when couples are working together as a team.Never allow competition between you and your spouse, have a team spirit and your marriage will be rock-solid


 7) Never Leave Your Marriage Behind: Marriage is not an auto-drive, its manual.No matter your achievement in your careers or ministry, don’t leave your marriage behind.Always create time for your spouse and family.You will need time to build intimacy in marriage.To have a great marriage, create adequate time for your marriage. How To Have A Great Marriage