9 Erogenous zones in women every man should know


9 Erogenous zones in women every man should know

9 Erogenous zones in women every man should know

Desperate to drive your woman wild? We’re looking at the 9 erogenous zones guaranteed to blow her mind…and make you the king of the castle.

We know for a fact that it doesn’t take much to get a man sexually excited. Show him a photo of a naked woman or just grab his crotch, and he’ll be good to go. Women, however, are a different story. For the ladies, good sex is something like a Beethoven symphony; there’s the overture, the crescendo, and the final climactic *pun not intended* movement. In other words, women prefer to enjoy the scenic route, while men prefer to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Getting your lady wet and wild in bed requires you to push the right buttons to get her in the mood. By buttons, we mean a woman’s erogenous zones. Erogenous zones could also be referred to as a woman’s sweet spots; the metaphorical switches that turn her lust into overdrive.

While we are all familiar with the common fun parts between the legs, there are far more unsuspecting parts of her body that will easily get you into her good graces, should you know where and how to touch them properly.

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#1 Feet. First, you don’t need to have a foot fetish to enjoy a good, sensual foot rub. Apparently, both sexes enjoy the feeling of their feet getting caressed. Women, on the other hand, have more sensitive feet—especially on the skin near their toes. Exploit this by oiling up your hands and gently pressing the flesh of her soles with an upward motion.

#2 Head and scalp. If you’ve ever experienced getting a head massage, you will not contest the fact that gently massaging the scalp is one of the most relaxing and soothing feelings ever. The human scalp is home to thousands of nerve endings, which makes it highly sensitive to touch.

#3 Abdomen. Women can get pretty self-conscious about the look of their abdomen, but little do they know how good it will feel if they let their man play with it a little bit. The lower abdomen—particularly the area below the belly button—is home to a network of nerves connected to the vagina. This means that fondling the skin of the abdomen is like “nudging” her vagina into activity.

#4 Lips. Lips are meant to kiss and be kissed! The lips are an obvious erogenous zone and are readily capable of receiving pleasurable sensations due to their high concentration of nerve endings *which is a hundred times more than the fingertips*. They are sensitive to pressure, moisture, and temperature.

The act of kissing sends signals to the brain, which release the feel-good hormones oxytocin and serotonin, which translates into a higher state of sexual arousal. However, be a creative kisser and don’t just gape your maw like a dead fish. Employ a combination of sucks, pecks, and nibbles to get her feeling good and wet.

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#5 Inner thigh. I bet you’ve seen this in a movie before: while driving a convertible down the freeway, the guy has one hand on the wheel while the other hand is caressing a beautiful woman’s inner thigh as she moans in sexual agony.

#6 Ears. As a rule, body parts located on the head are sensitive to touch. The ears are no different. Ear stimulation can have varying results, ranging from ticklish giggles to low, erotic moans, so it is advisable to test the waters first before going full contact.

#7 Small of the back. To demonstrate how sensitive the small of your back is, try giving it a flat hand slap. Hurts, doesn’t it?

The small of the back is covered by a thinner patch of skin compared to the rest of your body, in addition to being located just millimeters above the base of the spinal cord. The small of the back is home to a bunch of nerve endings that will definitely hit her sweet spot if you touch her there.


#8 Nape of the neck. The nape of the neck is another area chock-full of nerve endings and covered with a thin patch of skin. That’s why this area is the first to hurt when you get a sunburn. Giving this area a great deal of attention is a good and quick way to get her horny.

#9 Nipples. The female nipple is an erogenous zone which people are universally familiar with. Men are drawn to it, and it is the first thing in our mouths from the time we are born. The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and a part where stimulation leads to immediate sexual arousal; women can actually get orgasms from nipple stimulation. The nipples, along with the clitoris, are both directly wired to the female brain center responsible for arousal.