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Amara smiled, she always derived joy in seeing people happy, she guessed that the woman cannot be five years older than her but the dedicated the woman invested on her child make Amara respected her so much, the sound of a car made Amara turned sharply and she remembered her problem. She rushed off and opened the gate for kelvin, he drove the car instantly and she hurriedly closed the gate. She forgot Nadia’s mum as kelvin stepped out of the car. She moved closer noticing the way his shirt clung to his body firmly revealing strong muscle hands. She didn’t take up the temptation of looking at his chest she raised her eyes to meet his and his worried gaze gave her hope. When last has she felt she had someone she can rely on?

Ara he said, as he walked up to her.

Thanks for coming Kelvin she said, as his hand brushed away the hair blocking her face, her hair band still held the other half part of her hair.

Are you okay? He said, where is the …. He lifted his head and saw a woman standing just few steps away. Amara also turned looking at Nadia’s mother her eyes narrowed when she saw her checking Kelvin out. She was openly looking at him, running her eyes over him.


Wow where did you find such a breath taking man Ara? probably if I go there I might get lucky , Nadia’s mother said with a wistful look on her face.

Amara swallowed, as she found Kelvin looking at the woman, looking very much like he was flirting with her as he approach. He took her hand as he placed a kiss on her fingers, you are definitely a beautiful woman, he said. And that word shocked Amara. I have a cousin who could give me a run for my money.

I don’t think it possible, it already sin to look this good, then she leaned down and said something to Kevin and they both started laughing, good night Ara she said and walked into her own apartment. Amara answers her with a sour note sounding in her voice.

Kelvin smiled down at her, and Amara gave him a too bright smile. Am sure he would derived joy in seeing me moody, did he do that to make me jealous? I haven’t seen a man who would make me jealous she told herself as Kelvin walked back to her, I think everything is clear now: I don’t think I should be scared over a stupid note delivered by a woman she said as she ignored him picking up her bag.


A woman delivered it? He said, I should have known.

Why? because you know women so much, you even know that they drop threat note on another woman’s door she said as she unlock her door.

No, only one woman would want you to pay for something he said seriously.

Amara turned back looking at him, which woman, she asked.

Kevin held her and said the only woman who can do that is Precious he said and amara balanced, has she completely forgotten about Precious? She thinks you stole Alfred from her and you even sent her to jail, Amara was really shocked at the revelation, Kevin looked at the opened door and went inside telling her to wait for him.

No, let me go in with you.

No, just stay.

No you will not tell me what to do in my own house, it either I go in with you or I go in alone.

Kelvin looked at her and said OK, but you will have to stay behind me. There is nothing to be scared off, the door wasn’t break.

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She followed him inside looking like a scared chicken, it is obvious there is nothing here, she must be glad now that am scared she said and sat down, it wasn’t enough that Alfred showed up now it Precious.

What, Kelvin shouted, she looked at him and saw spark of anger in his face.

He suddenly showed up in my office today she said and supported her elbow with her kneels and place her head on her impend hands, I haven’t been so shocked not only by his appearance but my responds.

What responds are you talking about?  Kelvin asked with a dangerous voice.

Is that jealousy? I felt nothing for him. I thought if I saw him again I would be filled with rage but I didn’t. Apart from my outburst I felt nothing it like am now getting over my past
but he got me angry when he said we are not siblings.

What? Kelvin said suddenly, Amara looked up and saw Kelvin face looking pale.


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    Thank you for keeping me glued to your site all day expecting the next episode of Agony of Love to be uploaded. It is note worthy to mention this is the third story I’m reading on your site.
    Having said this, It’s been five days (September 15) since you gave us episode 40 and have kept us in severe suspense as to when we will be receiving episode 41 (permit to say – the suspense is killing).
    Also I have observed that the episodes are now much shorter than when the series started. You know you have our attention, kindly consider our emotions (emotional plee) also.
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