Winning Wisdom For Men


Winning Wisdom For Men

Winning Wisdom For Men

-Bisi Adewale

Wisdom is the principal thing as stated in the bible, no man can maximize is God given potential without wisdom. If God the creator of the world founded heaven and the earth by wisdom, so wisdom is an indispensable thing in the life of every man that wants to see fulfillment in every ramification, especially in the area of his marriage.

1.If  you are not faithful, you cannot be fruitful. God expect you to be faithful to your wife. If you pray to be fruitful. Stop running after all those strange women all about, stop using God-given car to carry other women, be faithful to your wife, you will be glad you did, for you will be fruitful.

Please note that there is NOTHING in the body of those strange women that your wife does not have, decide to love her and you will enjoy her, stop running after a she-goat. Be disciplined so as to be free indeed.

2. You are not just a male, you are a man. Always remember that to be a male is by birth to be a man is by choice. Hence make up your mind to be a man. If it is your wife that is providing for your family, when you are not sick you are a “male”, not a man and you should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you should even take over the kitchen from her and make her the man of the house and do not forget to put Mrs. before your name since you are now a “woman” Get up and do something it is a disgraceful thing to be on bed by as a man. Get up do something. Add to your value. Enhance your integrity.


3. Your wife want your care, not just a car; a “room” in your heart not just a room in your house- Giving your wife a million naira does not replace your presence at home. The home is useless when you are never in it. If your wife has the option of choosing between “CARE” and “CAR”, I know she will choose care ten times. Please give her your attention, embrace her, pamper her, treat her like a baby, kiss her tell her you love her, make her feel like a woman, make her happy, make her a happy wife, never tell me you love God, if you did not love your wife, Men that loves God demonstrates it by showing such to His daughter (their wives).

4. The best music your wife wants to hear is “I love you”- when last did you tell your wife you love her? When next are you going to tell her you do? Do you truly love her? Then tell her, women usually love to hear this, do not deny your wife of this wonderful melody, say it lovingly, draw her close and say it into her ear, even in the public “murmur” it into her hearing, write a small note, send it to her, give her a love card, write a poem for her,? Turn your home around by showing your love to your woman. It is scriptural. (Gen. 26:8).

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5. A husband should be tender but not soft-in enforcing discipline in your home be tender but not soft. Lead your wife and children in the way of the – Lord. Do not negotiate this with anyone of them. Family altar and family bible study should be made compulsory, prayer and fasting should be the family custom, make sure you are in charge in your home. For a house where woman rules it is a home without a ruler. Shalom.

Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, He is an international conference speaker and an author of more than 40 books on marriage and family life, singles, love, sex and purity and intimacy. He is the host of family T.V. program called Family Booster Momments.
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Winning Wisdom For Men