Active Sex in Marriage


Active Sex  in Marriage

Active Sex  in Marriage

Is your sex life becoming less and less interesting or is there anything you want your spouse to

do in bed, but he or she is not doing yet? The good news is, you can enjoy your sex life, you can

still have exciting and fulfilling sex life, just put the following in place in your marriage:

(1) Love: Sex can either be 'mating' or 'love making'. Animals mate, while married couples

should make love. Mating can take place without love, care, attention, communication and

affection. Love making can only take place in the atmosphere of real and romantic love.

Fulfilling sex can only take place when couples make love, not when they mate. Love each other

generously, do everything to encourage love. Let love making flow.

(2) Knowledge: You cannot enjoy sex beyond the level of your knowledge about love, marriage,

romance and sex. You need to learn and improve your knowledge about sex. Learn new things.

Do not remain stagnant. Deliberately learn new and creative ways to make love. Make your sex

life fun.

(3) Togetherness: This aids sex in marriage. Statistics shows that couples who are fond of staying

together in the same room, make love more than couples who stays apart. Do things together,

talk, play, plan and bath together. The more time you spend together, the more romantic your

marriage becomes. The more intercourse takes place in your marriage.

(4) Privacy: Lack of privacy destroys sexual life in marriage. Couples should endeavour to have

their rooms to themselves as good sex only survive under the atmosphere of privacy.

(5) Good health: Sexual relationship demands energy which only healthy people can give.

Taking good care of your health will help your sex life a lot.


Active Sex  in Marriage

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