8 Reasons For Backing Out Of Relationship


The joy of initiating is not as important as the joy to be derived from it in marriage. Marital joy is in short supply this days due to the fact that many has entered into regrettable marriage.8 REASONS FOR BACKING OUT OF RELATIONSHIP

Meanwhile, major regrets and weeping in marriage could have been avoided if the people involved are vigilant enough to notice the traces of an imminent trouble. Instead of experiencing hell in marriage, you can break that courtship if you notice any of these signs.8 REASONS FOR BACKING OUT OF RELATIONSHIP

  1. DISTANCE FROM GOD: God is the inventor of marriage; he knows how to make it work, so he must be the foundation. But as you are in that relationship, if you notice that your partner is not having a personal relationship with God, not born again, sees nothing special in attending church or studying the bible, though he/she may not stop you from going to church programmes now, but it is a sign of danger to come, because any heart free from divine influence will be influenced by the devil to engage in negative activities. If he/she can distance him/herself from God today, he/she will distance you from your marital joy tomorrow. Let your response to an unbeliever’s proposal be an emphatic NO! 8 REASONS FOR BACKING OUT OF RELATIONSHIP
  2. HAS NO RESPECT FOR YOUR PERSON: one of the tools for making marriage work is respect for one another. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value your comments, personality or presence, beware! Does he/she embarrass you in public? Address you like a nursery school pupil? Does he/she normally tell you to shut up whenever you’re trying to contribute during a discussion? Does he/she always decide for you in all things without allowing you to make an input? Does he slap or beat you constantly? You need to be sincere with yourself by backing out.8 REASONS FOR BACKING OUT OF RELATIONSHIP
  3. A & B GAME: A & B game is when your potential husband/wife is seeing someone else. This means he/she is having a divided attention. Anyone that is not having 100% love for you in courtship is not likely to marry you; before he/she gives you a red card, be fast enough to give him/her quit notice. If he/she marries you eventually, infidelity will be at play because he/she has been the master of the game of infidelity right from courtship. Anyone that is keeping two people at the same time in a relationship does not deserve to be married no matter his/her reasons for doing it. You should leave him/her
  4. FREQUENT QUARREL: marriage is a product of friendship and agreement and not quarreling. If your so-called spouse-to-be picks up quarrel with you at every little thing to the point that you are so confused because you don’t know what to do to please him/her. It is a pointer to a problematic marriage. It is not a sin to be angry but if he is angry to the point he beats, keeps malice, shouts on you, calls you names, then reconsider your plan of marrying such a fellow. If he/she is not tolerant, he won’t treat you well in marriage.8 REASONS FOR BACKING OUT OF RELATIONSHIP
  5. BRANDING ALL OPPOSITE SEX NEGATIVELY: it is a clear sign that the person you intend to marry does not value you if he/she keeps branding all opposite sex negatively believing all men/women are bad, evil, dangerous, not trustworthy, tell lies. Such a person will not love or trust you hundred percent and will be marrying you for the wrong reason – procreation i.e. getting married for child bearing sake.
  6. TAKES YOU DEEPER INTO SIN: what you do during courtship will determine whether God will be welcome in your marriage or not. Is that relationship taking you deeper into sin of fornication to the point that you have sex whenever you meet? After the ungodly act, you feel so bitter with an excuse that you don’t know how to stop. Does he/she encourage you to steal from your parent or office? Does he/she propel you to tell lies? Anyone that encourages you to go deeper into sin is not dependable, break away from him/her; else the method you are using now will be used against you in marriage tomorrow.
  7. FEELS HE/SHE IS DOING YOU A FAVOUR: does he/she feel he/she is doing you a favour for seeking your hand in marriage? This is what makes him talk to you anyhow, treats you like a slave and you feel bad about it and you can’t quit because he/she is from a wealthy background, son/daughter of a Governor or a Minister? Nobody is doing you a favour for marrying you. If he/she doesn’t value you in courtship. He/she will treat you like a slave in marriage
  8. FAILS TO DEMONSTRATE LOVE: never make the mistake of settling down with someone who doesn’t love you. If he/she does not love you genuinely, don’t marry him/her, if he/she does not call you often, too busy to text or visit you, forgets your birthday, avoids meeting your Pastors, mentors and your parent, not proud to introduce you to people, and if he/she is not in love with Jesus Christ the lover of your soul, please back out of such relationship if you really desire a blissful haven in your marriage tomorrow.
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